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  • From mobile
  • Oct 18
  • #938707

WISH processed and sent me items i never ordered....even when I canceled the items that they ordered for me WISH still sent them to me so i can pay shipping to send them back. And when i asked why they accuse me of authorising and placing the orders in a cart...which i never did...i only looked at items

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I had used Wish and it was pretty good, some low quality things and a couple that didn't work, but I didn't really mind since they were so cheap. This past month I went o a little Wish shopping spree and bought a bunch of stuff. Now I had saved my address on my account the first time I ordered anything and it had showed up and there were no problems, but for some reason my shipping address was changed so that my name was my first name but my... Read more

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I have been waiting for the dog clothes which i have never received there are pink size small the date has gone i shoukd have had them on the 3rd october but thery hsve never arrived i cannot add a photo as i have not recevied the items Read more

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I'm selling on this site and have sold more than 500 items. But refunded more than 30% of my money to their customers, because wish said: the customers not receive the items (even the tracking show if the item was delivered). But seller always fault, and can not ask to the buyer directly. Wish rejected all proof of shipment by usps, royalmail, and etc. What kind of marketplace is this? I have take them to the police and has been... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 20
  • #922326

Yes ! Bought over $300, of stuff, including evening gowns, wedding dress , did not receive, can I take to court

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I opened an account using the wrong email address. I don´t have a password for this email address. Can´t access it. Have been asking WISH for help since August 31th, today is Sept 11th and no help. 6 or 7 customer agents whuch have received my emails can´t help ? The worst of all services online. Bunch of thieves because they charged me. I have provided the bank´s code of authorization for the purchases, the dates and the items I bought .All I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 19
  • #903955

You should be put out of bussiness for taking people cash I never got my order from March

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 06
  • #895766

Tresa matthew ,i have bank statment ,you deducted over 783 $ from my acount and never recieved the clothing please call me at1316 734 2158 or i will take this matter to my Layer

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 26
  • #888734

I bought an sd card hoping I just found a big break, and well there's a reason I'm here lol. The fact that they sell fake stuff like this makes even $1 not worth it. Don't buy anything from Geek!!!

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I'm a seller who selling some products on I have sold my items here almost 1.000 pcs and refund the payment to the customers almost 40%, and their reasons is: shipping take too long. What the *** is this? All my shipping has valid tracking number, and they took my money and they marked as refunded to the customers, even on usps tracking site the item late for delivery for 1 day only, they will take your money. The seller can... Read more

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