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Update by user Jan 26

Wish (Wish)Jan 18, 13:16 PSTHello Clif At this time, Wish doesn't currently offer phone support, but we'll be happy to assist you here in this support ticket. Our goal is to resolve issues as quickly as possible, so please let us know if you have questions or concerns.AbigaelWish Customer SupportClif Jan 11, 07:07 PSTYou can call me now.

706253Clif Jan 10, 17:01 PSTWe'll see that's the thing the only way for me to communicate with you is through email cause the wish app will not allow me to contact support it keeps telling me to try later. I know this about being blocked because me wife has an account and I went into hers and did the same exact steps and a message was sent to support just fine. The faster you guys help me with this the faster I go away. Also the blue jeans I ordered came in today as well and I tried them on and they are way too small.

All my other jeans are size 36 waist and I dont know what size these are but they say 36 but I disagree because they do not fit. So again I received the hand held metal detector about a week or so ago it seems to work fine and the quality is really good no complaints. But I am still waiting on a phone case, a folding shovel, and a bracelet. I would like to know that you will stand behind your products and at least listen to me if I have a problem.

It would be nice if I could speak to someone and we could air out our differences unless there are certain customers you just don't need anymore. But remember none of this and I mean none would have happened if you didn't have this bank statement policy. And I know darn well I'm not the only one who doesn't agree with it. There's got to be a better way.

How long and how many customers will you make angry and lose over this bad idea. But if someone wants to try to convince me why this is good for wish and good for the customer I'll listen and I'll be the first to admit when I'm wrong but silence is not a defense. So call me.ClifJan 10, 14:43 PSTSo it seems that my account has been blocked and that's fine but how about after all my products have been delivered and everything is verified OK with them. I received the metal detector today and as you can see in the pictures the optional headphones I paid for are broke they have come part even before they were taken out of the box.

Now the way I see it you guys picked a fight with me about a sensitive subject that quite frankly if you look on line you'll see a lot of people are pissed about the whole shut your account down till we send you copies of our bank statement situation. And that's fine but the stuff I ordered previous to this is just now starting to come in and for you to block me so I cannot contact you at all is a little childish. You guys were getting more and more of my money and I was starting to spend as much on you as I was ebay and now look at the situation. You have literally run me off and a lot of other people just because some idiot came up with bright idea of verifying long term good paying customers by forcing them to give over there bank statements.

Unbelievable, the thing is no one said to block off sensitive areas when you first asked me for it. Now you know that there are some people out there that would not do that. Thus you or whoever would have all the info they needed to get into someone's bank account. Anyways we had a agreement I buy your stuff and you guarantee that stuff and treat me with respect and good customer service.

Which was happening until this past week. So you see the pictures I expect you to honor your word and fix the headphone issue and anything else that may happen to the remaining stuff that's coming.

But in fare Ness you also asked for my eBay transactions showing wish purchases and I did that and said cancel the order or ship it and you chose to cancel it. Do the right thing don't make this worse than

Original review posted by user Jan 26

Going on three weeks Abigael doesn't look like your resolving this cause I still have a brand new pair of pants that are not the right size, a phone case that's the wrong color, and a set of headphones that came with the metal detector that are still broken like they was in the box when they we're shipped. Great quality control by the way.

So I figure you guys have stolen about $70.00 from me and no one in your organization seems to care so you'll forgive me if I don't believe your statement about resolving issues quickly. This issues was started and continues to this day with a locked account because I wouldn't give you my bank statement. And from a internet search looks like anyone who refused to give you people sensitive information like that was also locked out of there account and any monies or warranty owed to them was considered stolen because nobody is trying to help. Remember you caused this.

And because you don't do phone calls you don't have to refund or honor any warranty because it's just words. See at eBay they have a phone number to call they know that without us there is no eBay. But you are stealing it as fast as you can cause the end is coming you can't survive treating your customers like this.

So is it just words or will you actually fix my concerns. We shall see.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I feel your pain. I have been trying for two months now to get $190 back for product that I never received.

There’s about 12 items. None of the clothes I wore it fit and half of the products were damaged.

They keep telling me to go to the Wish assistant and the wish assistant tells me I can’t contact anyone because I have to be in good standing. I’m about ready to take legal action on these people

to Debi #1636961

If you paid with PayPal you could try that route, that's what I'm doing I already have a case opened up. If not you should be able to call your bank or credit card and get them involved. Good luck to you I have decided to stick with eBay and Amazon.

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