, update on the situation. It's been,5 days that I had received a message from Miguel from Wish Shopping Made Fun who at the time I thought that he was going to help me with unblocking my account .

i had made a few orders that were a total between,$400.- $500. Give or take a few and my account was flagged I had to send a copy of my ID ca it left my account froze,15 days passedI received a message from Miguel and Andre to log out and log which erased my order and nobody knows what I am talking about I got a email from the pickup location and I have to get a QR code from wish shopping and two days have passed and I have been blocked from the website and customer service this is not the first time last time same thing situation and I have not been refunded or given the items I ordered and not one response and I know that it's happening again here's the screenshot of the message that I have written about in this complaint Last week and Nothing has changed all I want is the QR code email address email acc ent

User's recommendation: Keep track of the orders.

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