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My card has been charged of £500 I only wanted to pay for one order but mistakenly paid for things I had saved in the basket which I do not need. I can't possible spend a whopping 500 on wish, I am elderly and in my last days .

That's too much for me to afford. I need this cancelled and refunded.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I totally understand how you feel I am elderly also, And could not afford that. I am currently disputing out rages charges myself.

as all they would not get abold me about refunding my money. I did not eve make these charges! Everything went smoothly at first. Even my cheap items ended up been better than expected.

Once I decided to order something that was a little more money, it never showed up. Twice I ordered an iPad, both times it went to the wrong address.

They refunded me the first time, but this time since I’m in dispute, they will not contact me. I have items that are still coming in that I need refunds for also :(

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