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There is a face book meme that shows a woman holding a silicone 3D replica of a {{REDACTED}}. It is a sex toy. It is allegedly sold by WISH.

We are boycotting Wish. If you have been misrepresented fair enough and please take action. The article has been seen by many . This is a very dangerous item and can lead on to fantasists leading onto using real {{REDACTED}}. .

I expect your reply a s a p.

I am a mother and a nurse. I suggest that you take this complaint seriously.

There are 7 mothers sat with me. We will tell others as we were told/ shown .We are boycotting WISH until you reply and if true remove or address.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Website.

Preferred solution: Stop it.

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Congrats *** This was the only way for me and my bf to get toys.


Thanks very much *dripping sarcasm* you got your wish, now several people who have identities other than what they are born with and can't afford the tools from anywhere else can't be fulfilled in themselves, congratulations you asexual idjit you have successfully ruined several people's lives, I hope you can live with yourself because I don't know ANYONE who would willingly subject themselves to your presence


You HAVE to be kidding. As a fellow nurse, I would hope you would have a better attitude towards sexuality. You sound like a repressed hag.


If you don't like your kids getting on wish and finding adult toys then please don't let them have the app until they have a *** credit card


So your mad wish is selling adult toys ???? Or that you let your kids on a site they should not be ?


I am trying to send my review to WISH . I wanted others to read it .

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