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Do not purchase memory cards from Wish or their alternate app Geek.

The other review is correct I believe in that there are many sellers that peddle their product through Wish. Anyway, the memory cards sold are fake.

For some, the prices alone should alert you. I think the current price for a real 128 GB class 10 card is close to $1000, but Wish is selling them for around $10. No matter the size, most of the memory cards are only 7-8 GB of actual memory but have been hacked to read as larger. To a computer/phone/other device they will appear to be the advertised size.

Once you fill the actual memory, anything else you try to write to the card is lost. You may see the file names listed, but an error saying the files are lost or corrupt will come up if you try to access them. When you ask for a refund you are told to mail the fake memory back. They know that for most of the items they sell the return shipping to China is prohibitive.

In my experience, they will also give you the run-around and then tell you that it is past the allowed time for returns.

Once the time ran out they wouldn't respond to any direct questions, they would just send back the same form letter email saying that it was passed for a refund and there was nothing they could do.

If you have bought flash memory from Wish (or anywhere for that matter), download and run a program called H2TestW. H2TestW will show you the real size and read/write speeds of your flash memory.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with cheap stuff and stated that there is a room for improvement of fake stuff and taking my money. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of memory card. Wish needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned memory card in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Wish.

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Why isn't law enforcerment looking into this obvious fraud?


same kind of problem i have faced lost my trust on wish.com.pathetic trick of their seller to make fool of customer.


guess i wasted my money as well!AVOID wish.com for anything electronic, because they are fake, cheap and crap!

FurryTasmanian Devil

Same here.


I have just bought a 256 gig sd card from geek. The price came to something like £6.00 which I new was ridiculously cheap and after looking into it, and reading your post, I now know its gonna be a fake.Gutted.


The author is describing exactly what is happening to me. Remember that if something seems too good to be true it probably is.


Finding a genuine sd card on Wish is as hard as win a jackpot. However Wish has a customer's support and I guess it is possible to get a money back without sending faulty card. You need report your product as faulty.


I bought 512 gigs micro sd cards from wish. I told them they were counterfeit after they faulted out around 40 gigs.

Wish gave me a refund and apologized for the inconvenience.

I did not have to send them back as they know you cannot. Go after the seller about this, not Wish.



Just bought a 64GB SD card from wish and transfered about 5,000 pictures to it after done transferring everything I looked at the pictures and 99% of them where all curropted. I lost about 4,800 pictures from it. I checked if I could recover them, ran a free scan "stellarPhoenix JPEG Repair" website and I was told that the files were serverly damaged and not recoverable.

to Sora #1413128

it happened the same to me, I actually did a cut paste so at the end I ended up loosing a bunch of my pictures, I don't know why a "serious" online store allows this

to Sora #1465156

You can recover your data from SOURCE but not from "looped" sd card vecause it randomly overwritten.

Vienna, Wien, Austria #1308724

Bought a 2 terrabyte flash drive for 10 dollars. It was labeled transcend, and showed the correct size.

Copied files on it. But when i wanted to copy them from the flash drive the folders were empty.

Just pure ***. Never going to buy from wish again.

Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, United Kingdom #1290670

Thank you so much.....

I nearly bought this item and had it shipped to the UK, and it would have takes 2 weeks. So cheers


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1222093

What are you talking about?

Ive bought several SD Cards both for myself, family and friends as well as a bluetooth speaker and they all work fine.

You should not be dissing Wish but shame the sellers and post honest reviews on their reviews page to discourage other customers from being scammed.

to Anon #1371078

These reviews are honest

Fontana, California, United States #1209459

Their stuff is just utter garbage. If it sounds too good to be true then it most likely is. Wish.com and Geek.com should be ashamed of themselves for peddling such ***!

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1189232

I purchased a MicroSD card from Wish.com and what is being said is true! The SD card reads in our camera like it is suppose to, it will even let you review the images, but the minute you remove that SD card from the camera all you are left with is a bunch of .jpg's files that can not be read.

The same thing happen with a flash-drive I bought. Needless to say I will not being anything else from them.

DO NOT BUY and SD cards off Wish.com the products are fake!


Wish is a big rip off....not only did i receive fake sd cards but the watches arrived broken shoes to small socks to small ...shame on me for ordering from china....learned my lesson!

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