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Update by user Mar 13, 2016

"Context Logic", the 'parent' company of both Wish & Geek _ABSOLUTELY_ knows that 99% of these micro SD memory cards are fake / counterfeit! They don't even argue with you if you file a request for a refund any more, and if you take the time to notify them that these are obviously fake due to the markings found on them even in the pictures, they simply tell you that they "are aware and fighting the problem" - which is total BS.

They often have delivery time that exceeds the "30 day refund" window, so be VERY aware of this and I have also received items that were NOT the ones shown: for example, I ordered a Bluedio M3 wireless bluetooth set of earbuds, but received an obsolete M2 version that has not been made in more than a year. Since I am a customer of CCK (the company that owns Bluedio) - I know what is current and what is "outdated" or obsolete product.

If you order a BS-3 "Camel" bluetooth speaker, you are just as likely to receive the BS-2 prior year's version - you HAVE to check every single item you get!

Context Logic is VERY aware that these 'shops' are selling counterfeit merchandise, not just these specific items, but they don't care - they make money both off you as the customer and off the 'shops' as the seller. As long as the 'skim' off the top is more than the amount they have to refund, they come out ahead and in no case do they offer to pay for consequential damages, which in this state they ARE responsible for.

Original review posted by user Mar 13, 2016

Even if you are careful enough to order a single chip, test it and then order more from the same vendor - in my experience they are ALWAYS fake - i.e. "counterfeit" chips that will only hold 7.2GB when tested using the H2TEST2.exe program.

The trick here is that they 'bait' you by shipping a 'good' card first, so even though you pay the same amount for subsequent cards, assuming you will receive the same as what you received for the single "sample" 128GB or 512GB (I assume 256GB as well), it's their tactic to "bait and switch" - I have never once received a group of more than 1 memory chip that is real. 99% of them are obviously fake, marked as "SD/HC", which is impossible, they would have to be SD/XC in order to hold more than 32GB by definition and standard. They have even taken that one step further: now that they know that an "SD/HC" marked card is obviously fake, they use - in almost every case - the identical picture for all stores showing an SD/XC card - which is the one you get the first time - to test. Even more unfortunately, they write a valid 512GB memory directory to the chips, so that even if you check them under Windows or even CHKDSK under DOS - they show that they are the correct size, but always fail under H2TESTW at almost the identical spot every time: the 7.2GB boundary, where they being to give non-stop errors if written to beyond that point.

I have shown the apparently valid Windows and DOS versions that you would assume mean that they are actually capable of holding 500,000,000,000+ bytes, and the pictures of both the chip itself when removed from the packaging and the packaging itself. So far all of the fake memory chips appear to come from either Taiwan or Hong Kong where someone is wholesale remarking them with larger (yet invalid) memory capacities. They simply refund your money after haggling a bit, determined that "It's not fake!" as I received from several "shops" - until faced with the incontrovertible evidence - output from H2TEST2 - that the memory is indeed defective, in fact counterfeit.

They absolutely know exactly what they are doing, yet "Context Logic", the owner of both "Wish" and "Geek" refuse to do anything about it, even when confronted with multiple examples of what is obviously fake memory - without exception. Lately, this specific 128GB "SD/XC" picture (with the shaded 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 repeating in the background) has replaced many of the obviously fake SD/HC pictures, but you still get fake memory.

Reason of review: Counterfeit Micro SD memory.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Refund of my expenses, including shipping, listing prices on other sales sites and return shipping for fake merchandise, which has ruined MY reputation..

Wish Pros: Variety of goods offered.

Wish Cons: Obviously counterfeit memory chips.

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Wish SUCKS! besides selling counterfeit sd cards half their stuff gets lost in shipment and the only response is "it is past our return policy"


The thing with sd cards anywhere you buy them is if the price seems to good to be true it absolutely is. Pay the going rate and stick to the name brands that we all know and trust.

*** on I will get my money back through pay pal and I have sent them long lengthy emails with attachments of pictures of Amazon and eBay. You would think as many people that are complaining and getting their bank accounts tapped into by wish without authorization that the feds would get involved.

But then again the government does the same thing to us every day to so maybe I expect to much. It's nothing but a dentist of thieves.



FurryTasmanian Devil

That's absolutely true. You can't do anything about it. Simply don't buy tech on wish or geek.


Does Verbatim even make a 512GB microSD? Sending my purchases back. Failures at 7.3 per H2testw


I'm so pissed right now its not *** funny I will find the company who made these and I will *** burn there propertys to the *** ground '


i only bought one, cant get it to work at all


Thanks for the info! I was fooled on Amazon with a 128Gb Manoxor card that doesn't hold much of anything so I chose to research the BlueWave one found on What and found this site with the interesting info.



Blue Wave and a currently (september 2017) 512 micros SD cards are fake.

Their aren't any in production.

check for fake micro SD cards using RMPrepUSB or FakeFlashTest