Hi my name is Kenneth Derby I've started using your app about a month ago and since then I've had two or three deliveries where they said they delivered and they did not the last delivery was on April 29th it was a package delivery three items over around $300. I'm waiting every day all day waiting for the mailman to show up for my packages just to find out luckily by the neighbor that wish delivered the package in the apartments next to me that they have been receiving these packages.

I filed the complaint to there robot customer service.

And as many of you know nothing but a response and get a hold of me and I still haven't heard back with because that was the third delivery and I would have to stay probably that I lost. Please help me I would love to continue using your app I think I am a great customer and asset to your company I hope that you can fix this for me and make things right hope to hear from you soon thank you

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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