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I'm a seller who selling some products on wish.com

I have sold my items here almost 1.000 pcs and wish.com refund the payment to the customers almost 40%, and their reasons is: shipping take too long. What the *** is this? All my shipping has valid tracking number, and they took my money and they marked as refunded to the customers, even on usps tracking site the item late for delivery for 1 day only, they will take your money. The seller can not contact directly to their customers, and after wish.com take your money for refunded reasons, the ticket will be automatically closed, and you can not give any answer or reasons.

This is never happened to me on ebay, amazon, or anywhere, except on wish.com

All my items also has free shipping, but wish.com charge the shipping for each items, and they take the money.

Wish.com also raised my prices without permission between 20% -100% from the price that I entered in their system, and they take (stolen) the difference.

After survey and learned many complaints on internet, I can take a conclusion that wish.com is scam monster.

They stolen the money both from their seller and buyers. I saw hundreds of complaints from the wish.com buyer if they got no refunds even they didn't get the items.

Beware and stop using wish.com

I hope GOD will stop them and I hope God will give punishment for those who had taken other people's money and then give them a deserving disease.

Reason of review: Fraud, Scam company, Dishonest..

Monetary Loss: $1700.

Wish Cons: Scam company, Fraud company, Stolen the money both from seller and buyers, Dishonest and corruption on seller listing, Worst marketplace.

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You are correct, where to start, Their user interface is the worst You will get fined $200 for whatever reason they come up with. Their search bar is horrible, the results are not even remotely close to what you are looking.

Setting a shipping and handling time is a nightmare Adding products is so complicated, can't have a template. God forbids you enter something wrong, $200 fine.

If you finally start getting some sales, besides the fact that their payments take forever, they will subtract the fines from your payments. Fulfilling orders is a nightmare too Why just not implement and learn from the big ones(eBay, Amazon) Just, not worth your time


Wish gives sellers about a month to get items to buyers. Then if not received, pushes the delivery date out further making customer wait even longer.

Not fair to customer who’s money was taken day order placed. If you can’t get your items to buyers in a month, stop bothering.


So sorry to hear this...I too also design and sell products. I can't even imagine how angry you are! Such hard work to lose money :( Thank you for letting people know tho.


Thank you for letting me know not to buy from them


Seems like this is a scam all around.

Irene Moore
Shopping Expert
According to the Wish return policy, customers can return an item within 30 days of delivery or within 30 days of the most recent estimated date of delivery. Wish should approve an order cancellation or refund.

Please contact the Wish customer care team, so they can research your issue and find a solution. You may reach them out by phone at (800) 266-0172 or by email at support@wish.com.

You may also share your experience with Wish customers by posting your comments via the company social networks. Wish contact details including their social media links and headquarters address are available on the Wish Contacts page on the Pissed Consumer website.
@Irene Moore

The phone number is USELESS you dont get to talk to a human, why provide a nymbrr if you can't speak to a human. WISH SUCKS I WILL NEVER SHOP FROM THERE AGAIN


You damn rite. They double charged my card said they refunded me but never did uuuuughh.

I'm so pissed. I'm on disability so buying and selling watches is a way to make extra cash but not when ur double charged and.never receive the damn watch.

Omg. Talk about pissed tf off

@Irene Moore

You can’t talk to anyone at Wish.


I can’t believe how much they charge for postage. I wanted to buy items from there but the postage was so high I stopped using wish. Most other online companies charge less on postage the more you buy but not this scam money making company!!


Sorry you found out about this the hard way but you're not the first to fall victim to this scam. MANY buyers TAKE ADVANTAGE of this known scam/defect of wish.com doing this (which is automatically done by Wish's software.) It's a flaw/scam and its well known.

People are *** and if they can get your item, lie, and then get a full refund so basically steal it from you, they will. I'm sorry you lost so much money, it is an EXPENSIVE lesson. But don't be greedy or lazy and repeat your actions. You're best bet is to return to the safer platforms that have more protections.

Yes, I know EBAY and AMAZON have much higher fee structures which eat into your profits (hence my use of the word greed earlier) but that's the price of protection. EBay doesn't mess with your shipping prices if you offer free shipping NOR can customers rate your shipping on free shipping so they can't even scam you that way even if they wanted to.

Remember, the scum/scam buyers will use the path of least resistance so they'll keep using WISH exploit. Don't be a victim again, make a little less profit but at least you won't lose 40% of your sales with Ebay.


Glad I saw this!


I have not come across a worse platform to sell on.


They are so unprofessional


I have lost money and many items I bought in bulk didn't turn up . and then I was put down as being a bad customer.

but I didn't realize sellers where having similar issues. wow. not good.

and I couldn't get hold of anyone, even me marking down on their survey seemed to be ignored. not good.


Wish takes too long or you don't receive product,trying to get my refund and site is not working all of sudden


They are earning money from seller pocket even by imposing fines or satisfying customers with no question refund and without returning the products. They are building their reputation with sellers pocket!!!


yep y put down as a bad customer.


I agreed 100 %


I agree, *** WISH, they are a horrific company. I will never sell on their or buy a product for their website again. What they are doing is illegal.