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I'm a seller who selling some products on wish.com

I have sold my items here almost 1.000 pcs and wish.com refund the payment to the customers almost 40%, and their reasons is: shipping take too long. What the *** is this? All my shipping has valid tracking number, and they took my money and they marked as refunded to the customers, even on usps tracking site the item late for delivery for 1 day only, they will take your money. The seller can not contact directly to their customers, and after wish.com take your money for refunded reasons, the ticket will be automatically closed, and you can not give any answer or reasons.

This is never happened to me on ebay, amazon, or anywhere, except on wish.com

All my items also has free shipping, but wish.com charge the shipping for each items, and they take the money.

Wish.com also raised my prices without permission between 20% -100% from the price that I entered in their system, and they take (stolen) the difference.

After survey and learned many complaints on internet, I can take a conclusion that wish.com is scam monster.

They stolen the money both from their seller and buyers. I saw hundreds of complaints from the wish.com buyer if they got no refunds even they didn't get the items.

Beware and stop using wish.com

I hope GOD will stop them and I hope God will give punishment for those who had taken other people's money and then give them a deserving disease.

Reason of review: Fraud, Scam company, Dishonest..

Monetary Loss: $1700.

I didn't like: Scam company, Fraud company, Stolen the money both from seller and buyers, Dishonest and corruption on seller listing, Worst marketplace.

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They are earning money from seller pocket even by imposing fines or satisfying customers with no question refund and without returning the products. They are building their reputation with sellers pocket!!!


I agreed 100 %


I agree, *** WISH, they are a horrific company. I will never sell on their or buy a product for their website again. What they are doing is illegal.


I have a 50 dollar fine on wish what happens if I don't pay it


Heard about Wish through a friend, the sad part? She brags about how easy it is to order something and then complain, receive a refund a keep the item. Apparently she and all her friends do the same thing and it's an acceptable practice.


Thanks for the warning.


Wish is the worst,. They do not let someone close the account and they keep charging fines for listings that are disabled!!

They do not have the option in the system to delete a listing¬! Also if you go to pay the fine there is not any option to pay outstanding fees which means they just want you to remain on the website and keep charging fines on your disabled listings!!

It is the biggest Scam in internet history. Stop selling on wish and stop paying for fines.


Wish is worst.


Is it really incredible?


Above message is absolutely correct. Never sell on wish.


I have experience of selling on ebay ,amazon over 10 years but I am selling in wish and i think to leave soon , it is the worst selling site i tried, wish is one of the site that is very popular ,so you could sell easy , but at your own risk , even if you think do all right ,sell on their site its like gamble they may refund your sales and apply fines as much as they want and they will find a reason


This company is illegally collect fine on seller in their marketplace, I been selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other marketplace never had experience of fine for listings that is still in review in their system and not even published to the buyers. Other marketplace only take down your listings or suspended your account.

but Wish merchant they just fine you without given you a warning. especially for a new seller whose just registered and still try to figured out what can be sell and what cannot to sell. And without a warning they just fine you and force you to pay the fine for a unpublished listings. Every other marketplace just give you a warning and delete your listings.

but they fine you for a unpublished listings and that is illegal way to collect fine from the seller. I tried contact the Wish support, they sent you bot message and there is no way to resolve the issues.

here is there fine on Wish, Please Think twice before you sell on Wish!!! Product Listing Policy 2.6 - Modifying product fine increased to $500 Product Listing Policy 2.7 - Prohibited product fine increased to $50 Intellectual Property Policy 4.5 - Counterfeit product fine increased to $50 Fulfillment Policy 5.6 - Fake Tracking Fine increased to order value plus $500 Fulfillment Policy 5.8 - Shipping from Mainland China without using Wishpost fine increased to $100


Hi, I worked as an e-commerce account manager for years. I have extensive experience using Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Wish.

The one thing you learn about selling on all these is how to deal with the cons and pros of each. They all have their flaws. Good luck getting seller support on wish ( It is pretty much non-existent) Believe me I have tried. However, if you are an experienced seller you will learn that you do not make the rules on seller sites.

You have to play their game or risk suspension/fines etc. It is sort of like making a deal with the devil. If you are a new seller, I would not recommend Wish.

If you have high volume sales GO FOR IT, the percentage of refunds for late shipments will be minimal and wish sends traffic to people who can price competitively which isn't always the case for sellers that are new to the eCommerce industry. Regards, Not Pissed, Just Moderately Annoyed


I was thinking to sell my items on wish.com but now scared to loose money and decided not to sell till wish.com is credible.

to jam07 #1628786

Me to,I just "checked"all the merchant boxes except the "list your item now " meaning my store isn't opened yet.This reviews "jumped" into my eyes and I m reconsidering selling on wish,though they seem so "seller friendly".I guess I ll stick to eBay and shopify for now.Thanks for sharing your experience with us,sorry for your huge loss......it's a heavy lesson!


I agree, don't sell on Wish! They are fining me for counterfeit products on my own designs!

Now I am have trouble closing my account with them.

I won't pay them a single dime! They are MY designs.

to Anonymous #1626433

Let me get your account how much u want for it

to Anonymous #1628417

Do u want to sell me your account I'll take it off your hands

to Anonymous #1649008

I will do the same. it does not make any sense paying for a fine in general. They are not even the authority to place fines or whatsover.


Wow thanks for the review, I agree!

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