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I'm a seller who selling some products on wish.com

I have sold my items here almost 1.000 pcs and wish.com refund the payment to the customers almost 40%, and their reasons is: shipping take too long. What the *** is this? All my shipping has valid tracking number, and they took my money and they marked as refunded to the customers, even on usps tracking site the item late for delivery for 1 day only, they will take your money. The seller can not contact directly to their customers, and after wish.com take your money for refunded reasons, the ticket will be automatically closed, and you can not give any answer or reasons.

This is never happened to me on ebay, amazon, or anywhere, except on wish.com

All my items also has free shipping, but wish.com charge the shipping for each items, and they take the money.

Wish.com also raised my prices without permission between 20% -100% from the price that I entered in their system, and they take (stolen) the difference.

After survey and learned many complaints on internet, I can take a conclusion that wish.com is scam monster.

They stolen the money both from their seller and buyers. I saw hundreds of complaints from the wish.com buyer if they got no refunds even they didn't get the items.

Beware and stop using wish.com

I hope GOD will stop them and I hope God will give punishment for those who had taken other people's money and then give them a deserving disease.

Reason of review: Fraud, Scam company, Dishonest..

Monetary Loss: $1700.

I didn't like: Scam company, Fraud company, Stolen the money both from seller and buyers, Dishonest and corruption on seller listing, Worst marketplace.

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I am a happy customer of Wish.com and now a prospective investor of the company. All the negative comments I've read about the company is nothing different from my very own experience with Amazon, Ebay and other online shopping networks, including QVC and HSN. To this day, I'm still holding products ordered through Amazon and HSN several years ago, which I've decided to keep because it will cost me more to ship them back. I've contacted Amazon several times and raised the issue of their return policy, and I was only left feeling agitated and upset and decided it wasn't worth my time.

After such incident, I've promised myself not to buy my products through Amazon or other online outfit again. Was I right? Not entirely! After careful thinking and analyzing the situation, it boils down to realizing that it was "I" the problem, and not Amazon or the Seller.

I realized that I was becoming one of these "spoiled brat customers" looking to get ahead in this greedy world to satisfy my every whims at the expense of others. I was only willing to pay very little for the best quality products I expected and demanded. I have gone overboard in my expectation that the world owes me the best, because I'm the "best"! This self awakening shed much light to understanding what's truly happening around us in our "greedy" material world.

This all started with myself! I was very selfish that I didn't care to understand and consider what it took for the other side to come up with the products I've "wanted" and have them delivered to my front door at my convenience.

Oh, was I so wrong! From this experience, I would like to extend my gratitude to Wish.com in bringing all the Sellers together, so I can have choices to alternative products at lower prices.


I am a seller on Wish and it used to be a promising new platform to compete with giants like Amazon and EBAY. In all fairness there are always people who try to scam you regardless of platform.

That being said, Wish can be considered Organized crime and I am sure that when governments start looking in to their business model they will be in big troubles. Business model of wish: I sell product X for $10 with $1.99 shipping. Wish sells it for $7 with free shipping without my consent. Of that they take a cut and I end up paying for that.

If you change your product pricing they will punish you and you risk an account termination, product termination or Fine. You are only allowed to use wish post which is considered a tier 1 shipping. Everything else you get a $120 fine and the product will be refunded to the customer. Everyday when you login to your merchant account you have 3 to 4 new rules which are always negative for the seller.

Fines, fines, fines and fines. You can’t connect with customers, you can’t dispute claims and everything ends up in fines and punishments. And all of the above is just scratching the surface. Easy to say, then don’t sell but if you have a huge stock and they have a huge credit open on your account that they only pay after 90 or 180 days depending on the shipping you chose.

It’s hard to just put it aside. Btw did I mention that in order to open an account you have to deposit $2000 now?

If this sounds something you would like, I’m happy to sell you my 5* shop and get done with it. Themandexx@icloud.com


YT1828900101053270 my order no is here my item not resived


Well 90% of what I've ordered on Wish has been garbage, not what I thought due to being misinformed by the seller, or nothing coming at all. If sellers are direct about what they will be sending, actually send it, and sell legitimate products there wouldnt be any refunds period!


Almost half of the stuff sold on wish Is drug paraphernalia. The tracking never continues to update like on eBay or everywhere else.

I've bought at least fifteen things on wish. Com and after the first week, there is no tracking at all.

For instance, I ordered something September 26th 2018, and that was the last time the tracking was updated, it's October 15th 2018. The evidence treks a different story my friend.


I give an advice to all the people are thinking to sell on wish , do not do!! Wish has got a huge traffic but I think I will leave soon because their actitudes to sellers is too bad.

I sell on various Site but I never seen something like that believe . They have a lot stupid rules insane that add everyday and must be readed because are important to do not loose All money. One of thisFor example :if you sell and do not put the tracking number immediately you got fined even half price by sale,everytime that I see the account I get shocked for what they do.. one time they fined a lot of my orders sent ,because the carrier scanned after 1 day, Also you have to send with a carrier approved by them .the ridiculous things is that you have to follow their carriers list that it is uncomplete .there is 10% of total carriers for example no post for many countries DHL ECC..

and you can't confirm the send with the real carrier .and even if tracked get paid after 6 month.if.. I tried to explain this things to them but I do not know if they play to be retarded or do not care at all They just said to send with the confirmed carriers and that's it.

They do take a lot of decision randomly and without a logic. At last they refund me some sales for the reason the buyer paid with counterfeit credit card .but nobody notified me at time of purchase .the customer do not have phone for sellers only email, they just givemostly some answers automated .they are gawker do not have a crumbs of respect for the sellers,anything can happen on this website even take your money without reason!they say to be in use but I think they have a forwarder USA phone number with a virtual office in California but they are based in china because one time they answered at phone and do not speak English .I hope got denounced and this website close down soon


It's a Diabolical Disgrace that Wish.Com has not been investigated and the owners or those concerned banned from doing business on the internet for ever. It's almost like Wish.Com has a licence to commit Legalized Criminality.

Also some of the sellers associated with Wish.Com are just as bad. It would be in everyones interest for ALL PEOPLE (Customers, Sellers & All Associated) to do a complete and total boycott of Wish.Com because it is completely fraudulent with a mob like mentality. Bring Wish.Com to book and completely close the entire operation down and then everyone will have justice and be free from stress. Problem solved.

Every dim spent at Wish.Com will only prolong this injustice. That said : It's a Diabolical Disgrace the authorities have not closed this outfit down a long time ago.


Thanks a lot, just thinking to join but you saved my life. Thx a lot!!!


Wish.com anyhow just refund to customers and fine my money for late shipping. I earned $80 per month, and they fine me $50.


Yes.. It's true.

As long as customer complains, they refund. And now, they come out with many stupid policy and fine you on every single bit of reasons they can find. They even stop and remove alot of carriers so you have to use their warehouse.

Dumb enough!! No other platforms giving me this kind of rubbish.


I am so sad heartbroken. I thought I found a website where I can save money by good stuff with a low price.

Unfortunately it has been scamming people for a long time recently I purchase a few items which I never gotten and then when I ask for a refund they gave me credit and now I found out can't use a credit unless I give a photograph picture of my banking account. Which is not going to happen.

I am so saddened by this. Fair warning to anyone out there be careful using wish, cute, geek and wish.com online or and the app on your phone.


Never never i will order anything from Wish. I made an order and cancelled it within 10 minutes.

They said i will get.it refunded to my card. Now they put my refund in my Wish cash.

Im ready to blow.up. im so pissed

to Mercedes Belfield #1539605

Wish is keeping my refund due in Wish Cash. I will take action if i do not get my money refunded back to my debit card.

I have sent 20 emails...contacted customer support and i will continue to do at least another 20 a day u ntil i get my refund. WE SHOULD ALL DO THIS..

to Mercedes Belfield #1577406

Have you tried to dispute the charges with your credit/debit card? Since you tried to resolve it with the merchant and the merchant isn't responding, you're in your right to dispute the charges... I'm not sure if it's too late in your case though, so check with your bank or credit card.


What you expect? Look where they are headquartered out of. you lay down with dogs you're going to get fleas


It’s called chowing a different website. You don’t like it then use another app.

I’ve had nothing bad ever happen when ordering with wish. Maybe you shouldn’t be cheap and sell your items on there. And those who have lost money, it’s your fault for going back to the site and using it again. You lost some money for a customer canceling?

Get over it, it’s one customer. Use a different site and find new buyers.

to Anonymous #1539608

I didnt know it was operated by sellers.

to Anonymous #1601780

When it happens to you you’ll be bawling your eyes out




You should contact the Better Business Bureau in San Francisco for a full refund. No company is allowed to take your product and money!

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