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I'm a seller who selling some products on wish.com

I have sold my items here almost 1.000 pcs and wish.com refund the payment to the customers almost 40%, and their reasons is: shipping take too long. What the *** is this? All my shipping has valid tracking number, and they took my money and they marked as refunded to the customers, even on usps tracking site the item late for delivery for 1 day only, they will take your money. The seller can not contact directly to their customers, and after wish.com take your money for refunded reasons, the ticket will be automatically closed, and you can not give any answer or reasons.

This is never happened to me on ebay, amazon, or anywhere, except on wish.com

All my items also has free shipping, but wish.com charge the shipping for each items, and they take the money.

Wish.com also raised my prices without permission between 20% -100% from the price that I entered in their system, and they take (stolen) the difference.

After survey and learned many complaints on internet, I can take a conclusion that wish.com is scam monster.

They stolen the money both from their seller and buyers. I saw hundreds of complaints from the wish.com buyer if they got no refunds even they didn't get the items.

Beware and stop using wish.com

I hope GOD will stop them and I hope God will give punishment for those who had taken other people's money and then give them a deserving disease.

Reason of review: Fraud, Scam company, Dishonest..

Monetary Loss: $1700.

I didn't like: Scam company, Fraud company, Stolen the money both from seller and buyers, Dishonest and corruption on seller listing, Worst marketplace.

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Dexx Theman
to Me #1590525
Nope, we do not :(

Similar issue here. I guess every seller will have to go through the wish experience and learn the hard way.

They still got my money since last year! All items shipped, no return, no dispute. They just said you took long to ship!! Meanwhile we ship everyday Monday to Friday.

Now they want me to apply for my own money!!

I told them they could be breaking the law. I don't know who is behind these decisions at wish

to Gggggh #1557492

I am a new seller in China,,the situation is bad here,,with take my money just coz my item is similar or looks like some brand,,but in fact it not,,just a normal product,,and they said you tort,, fine me 10usd,,as it my new store no deal yet,,they will take in my coming order,,i ask they to show me the evident how my product tort,,they said just your product looks like some brand,,you need to get their authorization......they are so bossy..so what can i do keep moving or ..


Hey, My Name is Rupali and I am looking for wholesale sellers from China for trendy home decors. Will you be able to help? Please reach me on honeycombdeals@gmail.com


Thank you SOOO much for posting your experience because I’ve been debating selling on there and literally just signed up for it yesterday. I will be deleting my account.

I’m so sorry for what you went thru!!

When it comes to money & business 90% of people suck & have no morals. So sad!!


Glad I read this.


As someone had mention here.. YES there are tons of videos on YouTube teaching people how to scam Seller on sites such as Wish, Amazon, eBay, etc.

Buyers can scam any sellers simply because they can and sites such as Wish, Amazon, eBay approves of this method as a legal fraud. For ex: You buy a product, receive it, open a dispute for item not as described or item not received, and you will get your money back.

to Niki #1452571

Yes, but apparently it's far easier to do that on wish than the other sites. As some sellers are saying on here, on wish, it doesn't even matter if you have a tracking number.

Or if the order is months old they will give the customer a refund. After what I read here and seen on youtube, wish.com is definitely not a site that I will be selling on.

Too bad. It could have been nice.


I was doing research before selling on the site when I came across this thread. Folks, it's no wonder sellers are getting ripped off on the site. There are videos on youtube telling people how to get "free" stuff from wish.com Here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_HmLYsSQVk


Guys instead of bragging about WISH here, why don't we file a lawsuit together?I was selling on wish for almost 3 months and I have lost almost 5000 euros in refunds for no reason. I stopped selling on their platform but it makes me feel stupid every time I think of the money they stole from me.You can go to the link below and start the process for the lawsuit. It is explained very clearly in all European languages there.We can make a change together.https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_small_claims_forms-177-en.do

to Ronald Rhone #1451288

I am in. These jokers do not care about small small business owners at all.

There are lots of shady customers who take advantage of the current situation. They order and receive the goods but start a refund or friendly recharge via their credit companies.

Not only we lose the goods, we also have to pay a processing fee to VISA, MasterCard, etc. I am all for the class action!!!

to Anonymous #1479913

HOLD UP!!! Think about this thoroughly please.

Is there a contract when beginning your selling experience? READ IT AND RE-READ it before opening a major civil suit on a case of this magnitude. A case like this would be comparable to an ant taking on Walmart. I as a buyer have 1 simple question for YOU!

Do YOU provide tracking information from the moment you have received payment from me, to the second I have received MY product??!? That is the biggest concern in all of this wish.com tracking order experience unsuccessfulness! If the consumer can not physically “see” where their package is, they get pissed and immediately file a complaint, but if you wisely provide tracking info every step of the way and something goes wrong along the way that’s not entirely your fault if you allowed the consumer access to track the package. All couriers are different and some seem to be lazy, slow, on cue...etc.

if you protect your “ass”-ets with provided-tracking the rest is out of your control and there should be no refunds even in question, especially if the consumer knows exactly where their package is and will be next! Catch my drift?

to Me #1537349

Yeah I can go with this as a buyer I seriously don’t why these guys are complaining wish gives all orders a 30-45 day window if you ship Via a *** carrier and the an item arrives in three months or something of course the buyers gonna claim the fact that shipping is taking to long because IT IS and it is extremely tireing to wait for a pair of shoes or something like that for SO long and I’m sure most of these sellers ship via a *** carrier or something which is why “Shipping Taking To Long” is blamed for...

to Me #1590514

You are right to a degree, let’s say I ship an item to you from China with SF-express which is perfect for US shipments. But hey!

Your product is over X dimension, X weight or contains a battery, then SF won’t ship it, so you go to the next shipping agent. Great he takes all but only ships to the east coast, you happen to live on the west coast. And that’s only for the states.... it’s not an easy straightforward process to ship something from China.

Not even starting about South America or Europe.... so all is finally shipped and we get the tracking, it takes normally 1 or 2 days before tracking shows up given that SF is used. But hey! They didn’t want to ship your package, so we used another party to ship.

It might be 8 days before your tracking shows up. So yes there are people who try to fool around, but should legit sellers that are victims of a system be punished?

to Ronald Rhone #1579259

Website is down?


They stole my money too! I shipped an item using Swiss Post to a customer in Germany.

Delivered successfully a month ago (10 days after date of order, not bad shipping overseas). Today they informed me that they have fully refunded the customer because "shipping is taking too long." I have tracking proving the item was delivered in a timely fashion using an approved shipping service. Support was no help. This Wish platform is the absolute worst.

I've pulled all my listings off. What a waste f time and money. DO NOT SELL ON WISH.Another problem: I sell licensed goods. I buy said goods from the manufacturer.

Wish was giving me constant headaches about selling counterfeit goods.

Nothing I sell is counterfeit.Wish is the worst. The absolute worst.

to Benny #1537351

This is most likely caused by the item not being updated step by step on the wish platform (when the buyer clicks “where is my order on orders page” they are currently working on improving this by hireing much more staff...This is how many people take advantage of the situation...


I was to a seller on wish about 2 years ago I left for most of the same reasons they were refunding the buyers, but to be honest I think they were stealing the money I don’t think they actually refund those buyers especially after the order has been delivered. This is why they block you from having communication with the buyers because wish knows they are stealing the money and not refunding. Never sell on wish you will lose a lot of money and time.

to Wanda #1537352

The reason why this barrier is where it is because they are two different portals...The buyer portal is completely different from the seller portal just like on Amazon with the “Amazon Sellers” part of it...And if the amount is refunded for whatever reason than that is justified by the discretion of the person taking care of the situation which is the wish representative...The most that they can do to connect the two portals is by emailing the seller of what’s happening....Other than this wish just like amazon takes 13% or something like that as fees from every order just like what amazon does as hey the company has to earn $$$ by doing something....Lastly the money taken or “stolen” by wish is directly given right back to the customer...

to JJ Wish-Rep #1584852

Dont sell on wish! never!

I am in wish in 6 month, And I have been fined a prodcut for totally fined $55617USD as for *** misleading problem. My Product have been approved by the wish platform on the end of June, and i spend the much money on the platform "PB" (prodcut boost) for the prodcut promotion, after i sell it in total 500 or so orders, I received a E-mail from wish platform, accussed me that i am selling " misleading prodcut" as the reason to fined me money according to the " wish" policy on the end of August this year, *** Wish! My effort and time is gone! if you know my prodcut is the "misleading" problem?

why you let me pass the prodcut checking process?, and you didnt " catch" me, until i am selling in big amount, and you *** platform fined me $100/usd per order and fined all my income in this prodcut?? It is all this is my responsibility i should bear.

tell my why? My e-mail: budgetstone@gmail.com if not, you will be in court in shanghai,China!

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