Don’t do it. It’s the biggest mistake.

I recently deactivated my Facebook account because it’s useless. After deleting it I could no longer login or have access to my Wish items and points accumulated. I was told by Wish email that Facebook was the only way I could retrieve my info or to abandon it as I did with Facebook and create a new account. Wish doesn’t have engineers intelligent enough to design an app that prevents this problem from happening.

I hate Facebook...

but Wish is forcing me to open Facebook just to use their damn app. I hate Wish for this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Account.

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I created a wish account using my email address and password, but wish is trying to force me to sign in using facebook.




I agree, I want to shop on Wish, but I am not activating my facebook account to do it!


I have same problem with Wish. I deactivated my Facebook account and now can no longer access Wish. I can't even open a new account with them cuz it says I need to use a Facebook account although on wish faq it says I can open an account with an email address or a Google account it doesn't work and I've tried multiple times


My account is through my email and not my Facebook account. I had a problem and opened one through Facebook to place a couple orders and now I can’t find that account...

but yes you most definitely can open one without Facebook. Get the wish app and try it that way but you don’t have to.

I’m not sure why it’s not working so try the app and open an account that way with your email. I hope you get it going.


Same thing happened to me


I have just recently deactivated my Facebook account and found to my horror I cannot get onto wish site without signing in with facebook. I’m over all this *** with Facebook..

not only do they have all my info so their hackers can get easy enough access which I believe zuckerberg knows and allows it to happen.

He’s a snake in the grass. I don’t care about wish anymore I just will deactivate that account and every other one Facebook has attached itself too.


I absolutely agree. It enraged me that this ***** exists.

It gives you an option and than takes it away. Why?


This having to use Facebook enrages me!

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