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i have been shopping with wish for a little over a year now. i admit that there are a lot of refunds but its due to their guidelines.

products being late...i mean like weeks late. products being made blatantly low quality. and products being advertised as one thing and you get something completely different. i've also had many things just never come or be damaged.

I think what made them flag it was because i broke down and ordered a bedding set. you don't get a comforter you get a duvet for the comforter. well i ordered it and was very excited to get it . but when it got here the zipper was broke.

i was so sad. it was like letting air out of a balloon. i contacted customer support and took a picture and awaited their reply. they wanted a couple more pictures so i sent them pictures of the entire duvet and also of the packaging.

this transaction went smoothly but i think this is where they decided to flag it. now nobody will answer me at customer support for any reason. i asked them how to get back my good shopping status....nothing.

so now i still have stuff coming but if any of it is damaged, or its not the right item or something is outregeously late i have to just live with it. no one will contact me and i dont know what to do now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why on Earth would anyone keep shopping at such a fraud site???


Please learn to properly capitalize when indicated.


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