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Update by user Apr 11

I had 2 visa prepaid cards, a $200 one and a $100 card. I bought stuff on for $293.08.

I put the $200 card info in the right place but there was no places to put the second visa prepaid card info. Wish started progressing. But i still i owe $93.08. Now should i just wait till it finishes processing and then just buy all the things that didn't pass on the $200 visa with the $100 card i didn't get a chance to send.

or is there a way i could just get you the $100 visa card some how some way as to not mess up my order...please let me know. thanks....Bob Snart

Original review posted by user Apr 10

My phone isn't working i can't down load an app. How else could i pay you the $100 as to not mess up my order please.

Could i just place another order for a $2 thing than put the $100 visa card info in the wish order form and you keep the $100...or could you send me something that i can pay the remaining balance of the $100 on my order..or call me & i give by phone....i don't know...I just want to pay for my order and wait patiently for my stuff with out any hassle. ..and i don't wanna be bugging you all either.

Bob Snart

Reason of review: Pay a missing $100 an my $300 order..

Wish Cons: Speaking to robots.

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