I am Pojakorn Lokadhama,stay in Bangkok Thailand.I almost look your app to search the goods because its cheap than another app.I just bought only one time from you by credit card.Last month I have got some goods from you even I didn’t order anything and I don’t know the way to return.Now the bank who is the owner of my credit card has a report to me that I will pay money about seven thousand baht on 20 April 2020.Because I bought the things for three orders from WISH.COM

WISH.COM 800266**** CA 2,240.10 Baht

WISH.COM 800266**** CA 3,586.00 Baht

WISH.COM 800266**** CA 1037.40 Baht

How this payments come from your company.Please Identify what happened.I am retired now,66 years old no way to search what happened,I am so tired,please help me.The things that I received the cost not more than the amount that you take.I waiting for the answer.

User's recommendation: BE CAREFUL TO BUY ONLINES.

Location: Bangkok, Bangkok

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