I bought a bicycle from has been delivered when it has it been I'm tired of this I will never order anything from work as long as I live in are my kids going to I'm done it up if they make me take it to the next level I will they got 200 something dollars tomorrow I want it back on my item all my friends get their delivery on time but not me is the permit test there's a big problem with that like to take advantage of somebody Justin needs to be done needs to be done now what what you've done to me all over Facebook tell them everything about texting them say I can't read I need somebody to talk to on the phone latest cheap through the same prayer I work manual labor come on money what is which two screw people over it's what it seems right take advantage of the people they can I work for my money OSHA turn take order good God's good grace Carmen CarMax trucks let me tell you in the way they do their orders did Lorde go to take care of that I am sitting at my house with no food no money theme song Gunther tell me a date and wait till Monday who is supposed to be here they did it to me twice I need that bike and I need the word Williams you're going to cause me to lose my fiance broke up to the first time I ordered rain today show up I told her again I call room and now here it is a week later 1 weeks I have been telling you all y'all going to make it for me and my fiance going to break up again 4 month and a half I don't take no too much freaking rain I need to do some if I lose my ID oh you bet your *** I'm going to court

Location: Houston, Texas

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