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I havent received all my money from my orders or and I havent received any of my order of two possibly three and beans that my significant other is in the hospital and has been for quite some time and I had a broken phone and my account has been taken over on Google and Yahoo because of the hacking and stuff that goes on in my neighborhood and community I havent received any of this but I have all the background information for these accounts and if I get time I will get into them but I place the $600 order which is probably knocked down to more like four and then I placed almost to $300 order the first time possibly another hundred and some odd dollar order I cant remember if I placed it or not but the $600 order orderI received back like 100 and something and then like 103 and I dont believe its I dont think its right and I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau I dont know if youre legally obligated to them but I will find an equal and legit ran business For this purpose because Im very very upset about it pissed its not its not the right word beyond salty and pissed

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

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