I ordered to Supernatural hoodies the largest size you have at the beginning of November November it is not listed as items that I bought on my stuff which I did pay for it and you did take the money it is on my bank statement you did take the money I did not receive the items it was for a birthday gift for my daughter whom is pregnant and November here it is almost the end of December and I still have not received the hoodies there to Supernatural lady I ordered and on my list of items bought on wishes as our list of things we bought it is not even listed that I bought the two hoodies when I did because I remember that I had to get it the biggest size they had they scammed me they stole for me this is illegal I can't go in the store and steal things so they cannot steal my money and I will not stand for this I am going to call the police just like it would happen if I stole from a store this is the same thing no better you stole my money I'm a grandma, and I'm on disability and this is not a joke, and it's not funny, and I'm tired of being scammed by people online every time I almost every time I order something you guys are scamming me, and you don't give me my stuff now I'm going to spread the word so people stop ordering online and especially stop ordering things from you people because there's no way I can even report what you did your phone number isn't it says he can't talk to anyone why do you have a phone number listed that you can call if you have a problem it says if you have a problem called this number, and then you can't talk to anybody, and then it says talk to somebody in 30 seconds, and you can't respond to them, they respond to you but you can't respond back to them to tell them what your problem is this is all run listen to Circle this is worse than the weather in the scams on you know this is horrible you're doing this to a person that is on disability man it doesn't matter what I'm on you should not be doing this to people I can't go in the store and steal things why Can you steal for me oh *** no I'm calling the cops either you give me my items or I'm calling cops because it's illegal to do this they actually have the nerve to ask me for five more dollars in order to resolve this issue I'm not giving you another dime you got enough of me I want my items.

User's recommendation: Do not buy anything from wish i bought 2 supernatural hoodies at the begining of november and it is almost the end of decenber. They took my money and did not send me the items. If i can not steal from a store without going to jail how do these evil people get away with this. I want the items i bought and paid for. 2 super natural hoodies the biggest size you have. I paid for it you took the money it is on my bank statement give me my items stealing is illegal and you people make it impossible to get a hold of someone for help. Do not buy from wish they will steal your money. I am a grandma on disability i had to barrow money to buy those i have to pay back money that i did not even get to use wish stole it. And you people skills suck. You do not give a shit.its sad and i am going to call the police and post everywhere i can about what wish did.

Location: Holly, Michigan

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