Hello Once Again Wish.Com ,

Can Give Me John Which Shopping Centre is Store in Wish I like to know where I'm Going when I Come up to ,

Newly Co Down , I See Wish is only Store I can See The ,

Camcorder I'm Looking for RED HD , CAN I ASK Could ,

Keep Me 1 Red HD Camcorder, I be Definitely will Be Coming, I Can't Bring The Travel Pass Form in Yet not till ,

After 26 /10/20 to Get a free Travel Train &;;;;;;;;; Bus Pass to come up I won't be 66 till after 26/10/20 Please Understand I do Have to Come up, CAN DO ALL This For John COYLE Please Keep A Red HD Camcorder full HD,

I Do Very Much Appreciate everything Do.

I Can't See those Camcorders any where else only in Wish.Com ,if I Could Get my Neice to Call in to give in A deposit She lives in Newry which Way Can PAY Please,

I Can Contact my Neice if want me, Can I ASK how Much is Red Full HD Camcorder Please , Sterling or Euro's .

Thanks For Reading my Review Thanks Again. John.

Location: Cork, Munster

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