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My name is Jose Miguel Figueroa and I am an Uber driver. I order an isolation cover for covid 19.

I am in quarantine until the 30th of this month. The item was supposed to arrive on the 24th ( today ) and I haven't got it, and now says I wont get it until September 21st. Of course, you understand that it is an unacceptable and absurd answer I wont accept. I know about your policy.

However, I am appealing to your common sense. Especially with a first time customer. At the end of the letter, you will find the confirmation order that shows payment proof and all the rest of the information if you choose to help me and want to come with a solution that is satisfactory. Otherwise, don't contact me at all and do it like Judas did to Jesus Christ.

Well, you should know that he destroyed himself after that. Hopefully, that is not the future your company chose. Right now, millions of people are sick and about to die over this horrible thing. Thank Jesus Christ I survived it.

From the ICU about to be intubated to a rapid recovery. I wont ever put myself at risk for selfish people. They are destroying our beloved country. Please, do the right thing and think about the people that are creating revenue for you and your employees.

These are not times for greed. but for helping one another for we will remember who helped and who did not. My money and all my references will go to the ones that did.

I say courteously thank you in advance for your promptly and satisfactory answer in advance.


Jose Miguel Figueroa

P.S. Order #: 5f3a3b7e3b6cfcf5b3e71a93

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $31.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Wish Pros: Prices.

Wish Cons: Change the expected date of your delivery all the time, Cancelling the item is really difficult, Want money back on card today.

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