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Two times in about 3 weeks I have ordered a teepee tent and both times I got the same exact experience first my account would not take my Information and I couldn't get on the line then I would send messages with up until today have not heard from the wish people the next day of both orders I would get on my mom's phone and would see the tent and order and soon I would receive a message that the item was out of stock both times and up to today it is still for sale

But this time I had purchased a total of 5 carts and sure enough the same thing my account was gone and I couldn't get on line so got mom's phone and tried to find my orders but there was no history 33 emails all together in 8 days and not one answer then I got a email saying I need to get my email and find the confirmation email and that's all I got over there times and never got the impression that they were trying to help then let them know that I had a total of 5 orders and none have been delivered yet the 5 the day I found three of the email and sent to them and I got a message that said the tent was only sold one a day and I was going to get a refund on 14 days and I said I would rather have the tent and the person said that tent was out of stock and I sent her the item on sale every day and I didn't hear anything so the next day I said ok let's move on and asked so what is going on with my other 4 orders and I knew that they were not helping me with the situation because didn't know that I had more orders even though it wrote it in the emails I sent for s day and a half no response so I sent a list of the items Along with two confirmation emails and I have not heard anything yet and I was going through the website and I got a message that said today is your lucky day and offered me the same tent for $500.00 and I figured it out I had good percentage of the tents price cut down from spinning the wheel and my hellowish was 50% off and both times I got it on special and my total was$43.00 I don't think that I should lose out on the teepee tent because of the sale plus according to the email it was supposed to be out of stock so I feel like I am in the right saying that they can't do that if anything wish should eat the difference not me so the whole thing was a lie and my account was blocked and I was blocked so a couple of days they would be able to send me a email with a refund now there is my other orderi that I can not find any where on the website site and still no response these are items

#1 a blanket made of knotted yarn med. Size light grey and a thick round blanket for the floor size large color red wine #2 a mini fridge med. And a fire pit coper with black screen

#3 I got a free gift a male adult you a pocket *** and two speakers on sale for my laptop $10

#4 was two packs of giant plant flowers seeds and two packs of passion flower seeds and I order of the elephant ear giant plant in black and a purple/ redish color in bulbs two each and the last one was I got a timed deal that said free flower seeds and free shipping and go I started and seen that it was going to take All the time I had getting my phone to go back forth so I clicked on my wish list # 3 and time was up and the balance was ZERO

Now I have not heard from the wish people I hope that they don't think that because I don't have my email that is it because I sent 3 already and I will pull out my bank account and sure for what I can and get what I paid for

I'm a 55 yr. Old guy who lives in a car in a empty field my friend let me stay in and that's why I bought everything I need to make a camp out my home and I have bought so many flowers to plant and live until I get back on my feet and the whole it's gonna be a merry Xmas was stripped away and there has been NOTHING that I could do to fix this and the wish people still have not responded thank you for your time I hope you can help me out with this night mare at wish shopping

User's recommendation: The products are good prices are fair it's the people that work there I would worry about as a matter of fact I have a little list of things to make this field my home good night.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Wish Pros: I have waited so long, No response from any one.

Wish Cons: Deceptiom of items described.

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