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I am unable to login to my wish account now. My Facebook account was hacked for the past few weeks so I didn't want to login to wish while I didn't have full control of my Facebook account because the hacker could have logged into my wish app through Facebook and could have spent my money on who knows what.

I have gotten my Facebook account back from the person who hacked it. So I went to try and login to the wish app through Facebook it says invalid authentication preventing me from logging into my account. I try login in through Google and it says the same thing. So I put my email in which is this email address that I'm using now and I click forgot password, it says it has sent me an email to reset the password but I have clicked that 10 different times and it hasn't sent any password reset link to my email.

So I have no access to my wish account anymore. I need access because there are a few things I wanted to buy that only the wish app sells. This would be easier to talk to a person to resolve this, my number is 814-596-****. If someone could call that would be great.

Then it says please connect through Facebook login but I try and I am not able to use my Facebook account to login. I just get invalid authentication after I try.

This is ridiculous I would like help resolving this problem please. I haven't been helped yet I still can't log in

Preferred solution: Access to my account.

Wish Cons: Customer service robot.

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Sorry to hear this I’m going through the same thing I believe they are going bankrupt so your best bet is to cancel your bank card that you have and delete your app from them and suck up your loss because they won’t be refunding any money back as this is from China so they are just counting people this is their way to be like the government

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