I have had so many issues in these past few months. I guess someone hacked into my Gmail account through wish and one day I couldn't get onto the app.

So I did forgot password. Well I wasn't getting the email to reset it. Customer service did nothing. Matter of fact I talked to many different reps and they all said the same thing.

I mean word for word. Bottom line I was so tired of explaining over and over and I was being drained from anger. I forgot I had another account under another email of mine. So I started using that one.

I had so many orders I couldn't see if and when they made it to the store. Thank God you send the email to my Gmail account. So I don't know if I am owed any money because I spent so much. They did nothing.

Now this email is hacked. I have to send a picture of my license every time I want to order.

But nothing happens and I have to wait another 2 or 3 days from a stupid response. It's getting old

User's recommendation: It's sad really how much we have to spend to send it back if it doesn't fit right or whatever. It's all being hacked and they do nothing for you. Good luck I was very happy and I spent a lot of money through wish. But Amazon sells the same stuff. It's just sometimes their Shipping it ridiculous too tho. Beware pay attention to your accounts. Wish doesn't do anything for you.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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