Yes. I still haven't had anyone ask me about the issue. I never received any of my 6 packages that was sent to the wrong address.

Location: Portsmouth, Ohio

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Sir, i have ordered food during travelling in train and i have mentioned clearly that i'm in this train, its time of arrival and every detail nd the zomato told ** minutes for delievery but i have ordered food before ** minutes nd then i have called the delivery boy he said i can not reach to you u just cancel the order and then i tried to call the hotel but the hotel not answered my call the delievery boy misbehaved with me, i have the call recordings as a prove and i will take an action at consumer care about this incident because i have paid 1037 for it.your delivery boy not come in time and not delivered food. But he confirmation that in your fake aap that was he deliverd food to me shameless peoples .


Fake zomato aap. Fake Fake....

Fake..... Fake......

Fake. .....

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