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every time i call i keep getting the recording that tells me to go to customer service and email you i need too speak to someone live about you taking money out of my account and have been for the last 4 months i did not order any thing and i need my account reembersed asap i am getting very aggrevated that i cant get ahold of any one please respond asap i have noticed on my bank account for the last 4 months that you have been taking at least 2,00 out each time i need to know what and why this is bieng taken out if you do not resolve this issue and at least compensate me for my time and agrevation i will delete my account and never order from you again

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have sent an email to you requesting my refund can you let me know when I can expect it Bubatoa@gmail.com


I've never had any trouble getting my merchandise on time but right now I just finished placing a rush order to be delivered by next wed which I did included an extra charged that applied to shipping but when I notice the delivery date on the invoice I saw shopping date of Dec 29th, nooo I need my stuff by next week thats why I need to speak to somebody on this.....please help me


watch out for these robbers ...my order never arrived now I have a debt collection agency on my back.....very very dodgy company do not buy from them


I have ask where is my shower curtain you all can not give people what you want to you have to give people what that order and stop telling people to talk to your customers support line.when you no that are not going to help anyone you all are a scam .


I need to talk to somebody about wish


I wish for answers to questions about shoes/tennis shoes sizes....can you help me?


Wish is a rip off saying I received my order & I didn't.. I'm pissed

to Anonymous #1590431

Issue I’m having and they will not refund me


Wish post things at a very cheap price then they say they are shipped but never come. This can be verified by going into orders and click on photo and you get an OPPS notice.

If you get that you well never receive it.

This has happened to me on several orders and I never received the items which have been for 5 pairs of shoes, 5 tablets and 3 sets of luggage. I am sure it is illegal to take a persons money and hold it for the waiting shipping time which is over a month.


They won't give u money back on *** u never got, i will never order from them again , people don't order from them there a scammer


I would like all the sex toys taken off my wish program it is very nasty and I don't like it I don't know how it ever got put on there but please take it off


Yes this is Lisa Tighe I'm waiting on a package I'm waiting on it for about a month maybe 2 months and it's getting really old waiting on it so I'd like to know where it is and when I can expect it was supposed to been here June 15th and then June 22nd


call the police, or a federal mail fraud agency, that will get them going, or you can sue, it will cost you money at first , but they will have to give you money for the attorney and expenses once a judge finds them guilty.


I have an order paid yesterday.Bank declined it for fraud alert .I spoke to them to verify purchase.They paid the 33.00 order now Wish says ..says I did to pay order. Correct this payment.I only have this card.Thank you..

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