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When it came pricing items were not the price that was quoted for the amount of goods that I wanted, it's a hard one buying this item was not the way it was displayed, after pressing button to buy it came to over 100.00 not given a chance to see total price at end and just also the way it was represented and no button to cancel order wish U need to give customers a chance to cancel when your goods priced not as displayed and for us to opt out when online so take this amount of my account as nothing purchased. U really need to change the way U are operating at this level on line this is not the first time it's happened, and each I can't purchase anything more till amount is payed and not wanting item.

I will stop buying this time the amount quoted is outrageous, take it off and I will keep dealing with you other wise no more from me.

And Ian a very good customer, remove amount as I have not purchased the item from you and will not receive any item from you pls remove the amount from my account as I did want to cancel no option given by you wish to do so when the price quoted is different from amount stated in advertising. Hope this is resolved thank you Joyce Gadsden

User's recommendation: Be careful don't press button to buy see if U can get the amount amount before pressing buy see total although in this case not what was quoted on advertising.

Location: North Lakes, Queensland

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