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The product was subpar and not as pictured. I have not been contacted by WISH to date. I do not know how tp return the item for a refund.o not buy thisitem its cheap.D

Wish Cons: Cheap.

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Usually get a refund all you have to do is rate it poorly, and they’ll get a hold of you and ask if you want to refund. Otherwise just go to your notifications and contact support.

It will take about three days for them to get back with you, I have gotten many refunds from them this way. However I am currently disputing charges so I have not been able to contact them at all! I have an iPad that never came, (this is twice now for this product!) It went to the wrong Address not even in the same town I live in. Plus I need refunds for other items that came broken also.

Since its at least three weeks to get anything I’m still receiving items after my dispute, that I need refunded and cannot get a hold of them.

I think I will go to my credit card company again and have them take the charges off as possible. So good luck!

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