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i got money stolen out of my bank account without my consent or knowledge. first amount, 04/04/18.($4).......Then.20/08/18($5) Then.21/08/18($30).....Then.01/09/18($26.50)


all with the same number 8002665172

and that totals ($152) and if i didn't pick up on this and cancel my card it could have been alot more of this amount of money that has been stolen out of my account i have emailed so many times and keep getting the runaround , this money has been taken out by someone who works there or a disgruntled employee who probably has done to many not just me, so i have put this to them if ($152) is not put into the paypal request within Two Weeks i will be taking this matter to the Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC

Reason of review: fraud.

Monetary Loss: $152.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Wish Cons: Fraud.

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Same as my self wish is a thief , I recently got a 309 .00 dollars purchase on my credit card . Thank God I had it maxed up and was declined on their attempt. "No more buying from wish."