Rocky Mount, North Carolina

my name is Breda Lee e=mail is, . my password is {{Redacted}}*.my problem is this: I was shopping on Wish home page, when I saws many items that said "Free, but the customer had to pay shipping.

I thought that it was a good deal until I saw my bill. The shipping chargers were as much as the items I brought, I thought that this was not right so I left the page thinking that I would not be charge for the 2 pages I did this on. I did not finish up the order page.

I did this on two order ( the ones which I have the largest total on them. the other two I want to keep.

I would appreciate if you could take these two orders off of m y account. { would appreciate it so much.

Thank you.. when I went to my wish home page they said I had no history of orders, so I thought that meant that I had not placed any orders??????

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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