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Package says arrived but hasn't arrived, it was sent to a different address and it charged our card. We went to the UPS store and says that wish miss placed the address.

User's recommendation: Make so u would go pick it up from ups store safely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $136.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Wish Pros: Discounts.

Wish Cons: Worst client support ever seen, Paying for items and not receiving them at all, No customer support, Sends packages to different addresses.

Wish - Package says arrived but hasn’t arrived
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I agree Wish.com is a scam so please stay away from it

@Greydon Wqs

I have never got a refund for the crap that they said i canceled.which i did not.and when they sent what they said. i cancelled.i will be refunded??????? And i didnt even talk to a real person.San Francisco home office doesnt except calls.pretty chicken *** thing to do to people.If the CEO is a billionaire?its because he is ripping off random customers and then SURPRISE NO ONE ANSEWERS.they are not taking calls.i wanted what i paid for.and with my card(which is my EDD card?so how can they accept my card if the cant refund me my money.These two are only billionaires cause they know random customers are paying and never see or recieve item.and never get refunded.


.Phone calls(928-49.12.467) helflain service wish.com...


Why is all I bought any item, the item is canceled or the arguments for any excuse I wrote to you more than once and no action was taken.


They are sad


Wish has totally ripped me off. I ordered a workout bench with a rubber foot strap, paid $113.00 for a rubber strap never received the bench.

Customer support does not work. Never Again!


I have been ripped off.


my stuff didn't come yet !


I’m in a dispute with them, actually 2 disputes, one I never received an order they said by the tracking number I received. It never came to my house. The tracking number does not even come up on the USPS tracking system!


I never received my package. I’ve ordered from you before and never had a problem. I will never order again.


Placed order on October 23rd 2020 today is November 13th 2020 still have not received my order but they did take the money out of my checking account. I've sent emails received emails and still nothing will never order with this company again!


So i ordered a product 3 months ago and it was suppose to arrive today but nothing. And when i check my tracking info it still gives me the same status that was posted 2 months ago "Arrived in destination" but its 26th of October but nothing has changed.

am angry cause am un-able to speak to a human being and their contact number it's either its not working or it's a recording. How are we going to get help from a website that's also recorded too cause there it's like you talking to robot that can't help your situation at all.

I thought it was reliable and great with customer service mara dololo its like we being scammed or what nami I'd love to know. Am soo angry cause there's no one who can help me.


Totally agree! Horrible customer support.

No way to talk to a real person!

Their Phone number is not a live phone, it’s a recording. How do they stay in business??




I have had the same same problems,things I've ordered from way back ,never received,we need to stop ordering from them I know I am as soon as I get my last order of I can get it,then I'm deleatinn there sight, I've had enough of there BS and customer support is useless


Same here & they also send things you didn’t order. Very false advertising! I’m still trying to get an order resolved and it’s been weeks!


That’s my problem right now too! They sent something entirely different than what I ordered!

It’s also been WEEKS trying to get this resolved! They are horrible to deal with!


I also have same problem and I hate wish.com


I had the same thing happen.. on A high ticket item (yes like a *** I bought a high ticket item on Wish.

It was delivered to Florida.. I live in California. I was freakln out.. just a little haha so I started every process available to me for a refund.

open up a claim ended up being my saving grace as the dispute was closed in my favor.. but I had also opened up a ticket with wish and was blowing them up daily. In wish’s defense..

they did respond to me... not quickly, but they did respond :)

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