I just made a large order i click the button to do the two payment option, and it didn't do it, it took the full amount out of my account! Which leaves me with zero money for the next two weeks or to pay the couple of bills I have due I then when I tried to go delete or cancel the orders not even 5 minutes after it was placed it told me that they were too close to shipping my order to cancel them complete and utter popcock I would like this corrected because it is definitely a malfunction on your app if this is not corrected I will be reporting you to the better Business bureau because this is ridiculous and the fact that you don't have live customer Support is ridiculous as well it just shows how much you actually care about your customers satisfaction, I will be letting my friends and family that use wish know about this horrible experience as well, after this I will be surprised if any of them or myself will use your site again

User's recommendation: After this experience I would not recommend wish to anybody if their app is not properly functional they shouldn't be running it at all.

Location: Mount Shasta, California

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