I realized that what I got when I looked on the site when it was on Facebook everything was cheaper I download the site everything goes up I canceled my order 5 minutes after I made it and then today they're telling me that I can't cancel it cuz it's already been shipped I canceled it yesterday I want my money back if I do not get my money back as quickly as you took it I want it back you're going to get the worst review I have everything documented every call I made to you every response I have saved in my phone everything I canceled my order five minutes after I made it five minutes I just want my money back keep your stuff I know you can pull the shipment back I want my money before 30 days I need to buy Christmas stuff with that and I can spend the *** of a lot less at a regular store I was such an idiot to believe the prices you were putting out on Facebook and then when I go to get it everything is going up and 80% off there was no 80 *** percent off

User's recommendation: Do not order from wish it's a scam.

Location: Easton, Pennsylvania

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