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Hello Wish! I have filed a complaint to Wish Support, regarding multiple issues with promotion codes/rewards points codes not applied to orders.

We’ve been replying back and forth and the issue have not been resolved. To begin, I’ve stated to you (Wish Support) I always enter unexpired promotion codes/rewards points codes to orders; however, your automatic system is faulty and not applying promotion codes/rewards points toward purchase, resulting in loosing promotion codes and rewards points in its entirely (can’t be use on other orders). Wish Support, last replied to me (promotion codes/rewards points can’t be use on shipping when item is free).

Wish, that statement is false and I will prove you with a photo of a purchase I made (free item only pay shipping) applying promo code/rewards points and was accepted by your automatic system. Wish needs to improve their faulty automatic systems as is not reading nor applying promo codes/rewards points toward a purchase in a proper way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Deal.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You can't complain about multiple issues simultaneously and expect results. One thing at a time.

These people are not set up for effective remedial actions, particularly in multiples. The only thing I "wish" is that these sketchy websites would evaporate.

to Anonymous #1617902

Anonymous, if you can read and comprehend writings,then, you should be able to understand my complaint and is in regards to Wish, not applying promo codes/rewards points towards purchases. Whereupon, are multiple.

I’ve been in contact with Wish Support. However, their response does not apply to my specific complaint and have not been resolved. My complaint is to make awareness to Wish and hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

If you wish this sketchy website would evaporate, then, you should remove yourself from the website as you are the sketchier, why anonymous? Do you work for Wish ?

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