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I can't get any reply about my order...what is my order and how much and when I get it??


For order call

Change my contact number bcz


Delete my account

After reading all the terrible reviews please tell me how to delete my account



I know i placed an order for a headset... you guys took money from my bank account..

now i cant even track my item.

No history of the order at all.

Ive already inquired.. but not getting any response..


Go on messenger through Facebook and see if you can “track package” hopefully the date will be on their...


Haven't received my sister package

My sister ordered a ring through you guys it was supposed to be here Monday. She waited till today and it still hasn't come so she was wondering if you can find out where it is for her


Wrong item shipped

How do I return and receive the right and wrong items


YouTube tutorial. Type in that same description and add “from” to the end.


Need help asap

I got sent a refund because my package got sent to the wrong address so they gave me a refund but they sent a refund to a no longer available debit card


Maybe tell them your “refund is not showing up on this debit card” and ask to receive refund via different card? I don’t know if they will do it, but if it through PayPal take the no longer active debit card off, activate the new one and ask them to try refunding transaction again. PayPal will create a paper trail either way so you both should be safe, I think.


How to place a order for clothing

Where do I go to next to put in a order


I have two items to return for bigger size and a third item has been damage

How do l return them


Daily giveaway

I get on the app and watch for the daily giveaway to start. It says it's about to start so I flip back and forth to refresh the page but the claim button never appears then about 5 minutes or less later the give away is over!

Why is the claim button not appearing?

Also why do I not have the first look button? I've ordered and reviewed many of the things I buy and the first look never appears!


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