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i ordered for items but cant see your payment procedures, so how do i go about that? secondly, i'm ordering from nigeria still cant see options for shipping to nigeria, how do i go about that? i will appreciate if reply urgently.



I was order one phone watch the maney is $20:50 you take that maney then why you take anther maney $100


Call PayPal. Really appreciate it my address is 2179 Bidwell Avenue the card number I was using at the present time is 53110 632-7514 870 the expiration date on the card was zero 8/21 and the back of the card is 555 that card is no longer being used and it has been destroyed I called PayPal and I told the PayPal that I have a dispute against which because apparently I have a learning disability and I was ordering stuff that I did not know I was working at the present time and moment if we tried to go use my card and my card has been wiped out by you guys I do not need any of those Products Saint to 2179 Bidwell Avenue Chico California 95926 okay if you can possibly call PayPal waiting for you guys as response they have in you and I would like you guys to clear this up with them and the phone number to PayPal is 1 866 753-6440 please give them a call as soon as possible because I really do need my money back on my card promptly because I have bills to pay and stuff like that and I I was not aware of me scrolling through your site and expecting to order anything on accidents I would appreciate it if you give them a call and have this straightened out as soon as possible if you have do this maybe I will consider using your side again with some help since I have a learning disability I am functionally illiterate and I do not know how to read and write and I have made a big mistake by going online for the very first time in scrolling through your guyses website in thinking...

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about a jacket I ordered it was the wrong size

I need to return it for a different size



I want to delete items in my cart and then add others...l can't find a way to do this...


My package

I paid for 2 hoodies an only one was delivered where is my other hoodie


Red and Black dress

Dress red and black swing/cocktail dress in a M only wanted to order 3 items not everything you are showing I ordered.





Because the merchants can do whatever they want.They even change their prices from the time you come across the item to the time you pay for it.So there is proof that they can do whatever they want.i have proof that I have even been lied to by the merchants and unable to any help about the issue.


All my orders

What to know y i haven't got any of my orders yet i am not happy now they side they were sent out and have not seen any of them yet


Not one person that I talked to and there is many has been happy or successs at getting most ,many or all of their orders delivered to them.I myself have been through a nightmare trying to get orders.I have never in my life heard anyone come up with as many excuses as they can.Any slogans or words that they have on there pages advertising have I ever been able to get them to stand behind.All you can do is contact Customer Support and hope you can get an answer.If you are unsuccessful there you stand no hope with this company.I have requested more than one time to speak to a person or department when not able to get a solution from them and there is suppossably no one else you can deal with.

My question is why they are impossible to reach and unwilling to solve the customers problems.If they have nothing to hide and care in the least about their customers why will they not help solve the issues that arise.



How come there is a low price or even group price listed and once you hit "buy" , the price is higher ? I have backed out of several sales because of this !


quiero saber de un pedido

necesito saber sobre un pedido que hice


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