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Recent orders

How can I cancel my recent orders with Wish i havent recieved any thing yet I would have like a complete return of my money


I need to change my card because I have a new one

Yes how you doing this is Anthony I am calling because I charge some stuff on my card and I will love to get a refund so if you can help me it will be a big help you can contact me at 857 505-6469


Someone hacked my account and I would like to cancel wish this month alone it was $28.75 and this is been going on for four months without me knowing about it I would like to cancel wish


Order never received.

I ordered 3 cell phones and tablet and slow cooker and shirt back in April I still haven't received them yet.. No I'm getting real upset about it.


Want to update my shipping address

Want to change my shipping address before delivery my item could you help us to change my address


Production not mail @WRONG PRODUCT SENT


Misunderstanding of order

Because i tried to order something and it had a lower price when i seen the picture and when i went to check out it had a higher price. Why is that?



My dad name is Mark Brandon & he has been waiting for his order for quite some time now & he just got a message asking if he's had his order or not & he press yes by mistake. He has tried calling 8002660172 but the number keeps saying that it doesn't recognize it.

He will try & email you but I was wondering if you could help with that. Thanks


My account

Need to cancel my account granddaughters canceled a order you still sent do not charge anything else on my account i will contact my lawyer cancel all my information now


orders not received

i am very frustrated with your company i have several orders out there that i have not yet received some are very old i am not asking for my money back i just want what i payed for please call me 18636409553 asap i have sent all kinds of email to you and still has not been corrected this uncalled for and unprofessional for a business growing like yours wwould like to escalate this mater to the high is manager and i will be ready to tell you all the orders if have not yet received please contact me anytime. today


I didn't receive my package

Please I boat mixed length 3 bundles brazian body wave hair( 16" 18" 20")

But I didn't receive the goods.

This is the Art.-Nr 5a7bb9b6918dae397b621355

I didn't receive this package



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