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Stop taking money

My name.e is Mrs Avril j croston and I would like you to stop taking money out of my account and unsubscribe me from any other contact


On sale items not showing up. Sick of refunds.

Gonna start giving bad feedback everywhere soon. So fed up with waiting for orders( August&September orders).

Only ordered new orders for my daughters 13th as she had already chosen them. If there are any issues with this order I'll be contacting consumer affairs.


I would like to cancel some of my orders and I would like the money back to my account I have $21 and something and it was store I'm trying to get a number for I can call you cuz I'm leaving out of the country and my orders


How do I find my orders to confirm

The items I think I ordered. And where is the statement or invoice to show me where I'm at.


Return an item

Where do I send my item for credit? The address on the package is in China.

I didn't get an invoice or instructions to return items.

How much did I get charged and what cost of postage. My item was way too short for my body.


Quiero cambiar un artículo por un número mayor ¿ cómo lo hago?


A change

How can I change a credit card number for my order


Based on the information found on the company website, you can modify your order either at the time you are placing your order on Wish (before you finalize it). For orders that have already been placed, the only thing you can change is the shipping address.


I have placed several orders will I be charged for each post

7.9.18 I have many orders will it be as one postal as apparently to multiple postal


How do i delete an item from my cart

I am trying to buy something else


This question seems to be quite popular with Wish customers. Check what can be done in this situation in the article "Wish FAQs. We know how to get a refund on"


Will not put my order through. Why???


An order not hasn't yet been bought.

How can I delete this order because it was pressed by mistake and still haven'tbought it but it's in my shopping cart.


Money gone out of my bank 4 the items i orderd no sign of them


Got charged for items I didn’t buy

How do I get this sorted


Reset password

Need to reset password


Stuff not delivered

I wanted to know how to get my stuff I didn’t receive. I don’t want a refund I gust want what I paid for


Never recieved my parcel ruck sack.. Small



when i get my order, last two and half month i order still i dont get my parcel


I have made several orders from wish I have not received will please let me know where they are at


Cellphone wrist watch

Where to Sims cards for cellphone wrist watch


My package didn't arrive

My package didn't arrive



Need to get money back on my card!!


I need to get my money back onto my card where I cancel out a order on a order I did not want when I made the order I did not pay with wish cash I pay with my card I would like it back onto my card not in which cash because I wish you're not order anything else anymore


Need to get my refund .just been giving the run around .was surpose to have refund by 7/27/2018


Pl refund my money wrong product ordered


i need to get a refund on a order i cancel


Complaint regarding my order

Why my order not arrived I jst selected items from few days bt no response


Lost my wish won't me let me log out, took$4.56 so my wish balance is 0

How do I get my total Wish Order History. How do I get my $4.56 back to my Wish Cash or regular account somehow got messed up after I did Wish upgrade lost a lot!!! Been with Wish since 1916 with it's ups and downs but I really need Order History andWish Cash there may be more messed up I don't know How do I get to a point where I can back out and restart???!!!


New York

I wanted to know if wish is new York



I have questions about the wish is I want to buy a phone from wish but I'm not sure that phone is working on the mobile company is working on that phone so I want to make sure that i can also use in united state so when you see this email can you answer this email as fast as you can ? thank you my email is {{Redacted}}


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