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Mera Saman Nahi mila


I have tried to fix this problem on my own and I can't

I want to make sure my email address issues will be fixed



i havent received my order


Shipping details

Where is my order?


Where my redund2

I need my money



I want to know if I can reorder shoes for the ones I nerver got or do I have to get a refund and reorder


My order

How can i find out where my order is? Its been over a month and i have not recived it. Ive never had this problem with wish before they have always been great


According to the Wish Customer Help Center, you only should visit “Order History”, where you need to look for the “Where’s my package?” tab.

Click on the tab and a window will open with the details you need, such as the current location and estimated date of arrival – that is if the order has been shipped. You will know that by the “Shipped” status.

Otherwise, you will see a “Preparing to Ship” message. Note that a tracking number is available only after a product has been shipped.

Check what can be done if you are using an Android tablet or phone in the article "Wish FAQs. We know how to get a refund on" @ Pissed Consumer Help Center



Does wish charge for items on a wish list or charge to create or use a wish list? Either this is the case or someone is using my card number on this site.


Nikon d80 full review

I have some details ur product new or old I want Nikon d80 how much cost new product with box packeg box what what packing



I ordered 2 gold necklaces I want the name on them they never ask me what names I wanted in them


Why dont they refund money straight away

I dont think anyone should by from wish there clothes are to big plus they dont like refunding money no way to call them either


Your right about i ordered a tracksuit to big and plus they owe me money but dont like refunding they havent got a contact number either

According to the Wish Help page, in case you want to get a refund, you need to follow the same procedure as with returning items and contact customer service directly. The website mentions that you may expect to receive your refund within 14 working days after you have placed a refund inquiry.
Find out what else you can be done if you’d like to get reimbursed in Top 9 Wish Consumer Questions.


Why is one of my orders being hold by UPS they said it was u guys it's paid for


I have not recieved my order i put in over a month

I put in a order over a month ago and i still have not recieved it yet the date keeps getting pushed back was wondering why either i recieve it or plz give me my money back



I love wish .but why are the things so cheep Xto good to be true x


Item was never rec'd and charge was made despite cancelling order with in the time frame

Why I have to reach out more than once? you keep putting me off and telling me you need months to look for it. Cannot provide an order # because cancelled item (which your website reflects) way before it was ever shipped and consequently never received.


Canceling order

I would like to be able to call the company to be able to cancel orders.

To cancel your order altogether, you should do so within 8 hours after purchase, per the Returns and Refunds section of the Wish Help page. In this case, go to Order History and click on Request Refund. Read what can be done if your order has been processed here.

My account got hacked been trying to get hold lifted off account


Easy mop

Kaya app cash on delivery kar sakte he



I ordered 2 silver crosses & have never received them.


Where is my order?


order # 567106878088

haven't received my order just got the free stuff.


Never recieved order



Don't send me wrong size


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