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Haven't received my sister package

My sister ordered a ring through you guys it was supposed to be here Monday. She waited till today and it still hasn't come so she was wondering if you can find out where it is for her


Wrong item shipped

How do I return and receive the right and wrong items


YouTube tutorial. Type in that same description and add “from” to the end.


Need help asap

I got sent a refund because my package got sent to the wrong address so they gave me a refund but they sent a refund to a no longer available debit card


Maybe tell them your “refund is not showing up on this debit card” and ask to receive refund via different card? I don’t know if they will do it, but if it through PayPal take the no longer active debit card off, activate the new one and ask them to try refunding transaction again. PayPal will create a paper trail either way so you both should be safe, I think.


How to place a order for clothing

Where do I go to next to put in a order


Want to update my shipping address

Want to change my shipping address before delivery my item could you help us to change my address


I have two items to return for bigger size and a third item has been damage

How do l return them


I need to change my card because I have a new one

Yes how you doing this is Anthony I am calling because I charge some stuff on my card and I will love to get a refund so if you can help me it will be a big help you can contact me at 857 505-6469


Someone hacked my account and I would like to cancel wish this month alone it was $28.75 and this is been going on for four months without me knowing about it I would like to cancel wish


Daily giveaway

I get on the app and watch for the daily giveaway to start. It says it's about to start so I flip back and forth to refresh the page but the claim button never appears then about 5 minutes or less later the give away is over!

Why is the claim button not appearing?

Also why do I not have the first look button? I've ordered and reviewed many of the things I buy and the first look never appears!


Promo code

I am a first time buyer but whenever I tried to use a promo code dor free shipping i keep getting a message saying it’s only for first orders. Will u send me via email a legitimate code I can use for free shipping


Help ordering


Item accidentally recieved

I accidentally hit the hutton stating that i received an item even though i didnt help.


I clicked on a item for daily give a way went to my cart

How do I get it out


Help with issue or not going to keep buying from this site and will let everyone I sent this site this problem and hope they don't use it either


How can I get it out please help with


14inch electric powered bike

If you guys are sending it to me, how will it get there or am I going to have to pick it up. I should have received the bike by now and also what about the back pack and black 7 speed bike, why am I having so much trouble with getting my product, please tell me you can help me because if not I would have to ask for a refund.


Red sneakers

How can l cancel out this item. I don’t see any way to do it3


Is it already purchased? Or are you on the “cart screen” about ready to checkout?

Hopefully this one!

Under the description there is a -1+......just hit the - button. It will remove it from your cart.



I purchased 2 tablets from wish earlier today. Based on the reviews that I've read, wish seems to be a scam. Am i supposed to be worried?


delivery to tripura

can u deliver product to tripura



I want to talk to a representative can someone call me




Take your card off PayPal ASAP!


I would like to speak to a representative can somebody call me ASAP


I would like a refund because I do not want any more money coming out my credit card out my account supposed to be 1740 so I expect for it to just to be 1740 $17.40



Why does it take so long for Wish to respond when problem with receiving product?


I want to know where my money is it was never refunded to me

I want my money back or was never refunded to me


I didn't purches the stuff under Brett Moyer's name or Melissa Moyer's name my debit card got hacked and they ordered all these things on here please refund our money


Question on prder

I got a e-mail asking me to contact for a question about order


My order

Where is my order y'all have my money


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