wish told me 5 to 14 days on two refund i been chating i look it up you cant call wish because the vires so when wish serve to call back in work dose anyone knew been chatiti g they keep saying sorry one to three guess what i ready to report them stop shopping 50 someday i still waiting told them few days ago not on reporting not shopping anymore i need my cash live on ssi its hard 7 hun a month you cant live on it hard i may order it not mean to my computer mess up went crazy stop working got it fix i had vires but it fix now my computer thank god just got it fix and wish there shipping is crazy on somes alot of it cheap made they tell refund 5 to 14 1to 3 guess what chating with them a 50 somes days later still two refund no money i upset it wrong after get my refund i done shopping use to love wish went to *** new new workers or give them few try to get it togther fire them close isomething best need to haappend and like i said most break fall apart no time the shipping and waiting 50 somes later refund not worth it wish went to *** get there worker few try keep up fire them this is wrong there could be a law sue see that alot review on the same thing i review about so ihad share mythe truth i want no one go through this without knewing i read them review they save my life when i red them before i order on line everbody should red at least 4 or more review before buying off line its 4 or more dont buy it if it bad loo for 4or more stars i hope this help anyone reading this idid me wish just not worth it in the end lspend well to much money on here never been so upset they dont get it togther it need be close down lay off the ones not doing there job its wrong alicia hoke from hillsboro wv people dont take no 5 to 4 days back on credit card anyway i knew 50 days later after chating stilling on them trying be fair but now i mad not cuseing told them reporting my money not here three days i done mo more wish mean it so if anyone knew how get ahold real person and talk to not chating if you email them get your money faster back or what my aldhoke99@***.com please let me knew anyone on here on the review if you read this asap please my email in here and my name alicia hoke so help me email me anyone that reAD this godbless

User's recommendation: no its not worth it in the end need get it togther no pictures to show.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Shipping Service.

Wish Pros: Some items are okay, Would be nice if you could deliver the order, It looks good on the website.

Wish Cons: No live customer service, Poor quality shirt, You do not get what you order, Mot good.

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