I had great experiences with my first few orders. I had family and friends tell me to be careful because they try to shortchange you on Items ordered or discounts promised or prices advertised and I was saying no everything's been good.

Fast forward to now And my last two orders have been screwed up and they sent me a code for 20% off my next purchase. Well. I tried to use it 30 minutes later and it said the code was not valid. I contacted customer service and they said there are only so many times a code can be used.

Which made no sense because it was sent to me and I used it 30 minutes after they sent it. So are they sending the same code to everybody? So I contacted customer service again and they said oh it was already applied to this order and they showed me the order and it was showing $1.35 discount and it said 7%. I sent them a message back and said that is not 20%.

They responded with the exact same message as if they didn't even read what I wrote. So I sent it back again even more detailed and got a little angry and said you're not doing the math correctly and your customer service is terrible you didn't even read my message. You just resent what you had already sent as if you copied and pasted your reply. You did not making I'm done.

My family and friends were right! Beware! As they say if something seems too good to be true it probably is. Also watch your things that say free and you click on them and then you add them to your cart and I noticed some items said free once but I put in my cart they showed up as $10 with $30 shipping fee.

Totally ridiculous what a rip off!

NEVER AGAIN!! I would have put zero stars if i could!!

User's recommendation: Do not use this service!!

Location: Mesquite, Texas

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