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Starting a class action lawsuit. Contact me at kimtorske@gmail.com if you are interested in being a part of it.

Wish.com has refused to refund me for $198.00 worth of items i ordered yet never received. I have numerous e mail between myself and them and pictures of all items ordered.

I even went through bbb and they continue to send me generic computer generated responses. There are thousands of complaints out here and we all need to pull together to expose this shady company

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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to Anonymous #1549222

keep waiting just like here no one is starting a suit .................


How can i join brittneyhollins7@gmail.com


Has anyone accumulated a large amount of “points” that randomly DISAPPEARED yesterday? I had over 3,000 from purchase, reviews, uploaded photos and videos since October of last year. Although it’s only a % off of a purchase I am still awaiting packages ordered from last month and was rather shocked when checked for an update and my points were GONE!

to LilHarOak #1572466

It is happened with my rebate money. They just stopped giving them to me .

My money.

And no any answer after writing them many times for 3 weeks, robotic the same message. Now they flaged me, cause dont want to get any complsons from me about my money.


June 2017 was my first time buying something from wish and I still haven't gotten it. It was a ring.

I started buying things from them again in October or November 2017 I was buying the things that said free just pay shipping and handling which was 6 dollars or more I received a few even though they didn't look like the picture. Then I brought more items and realized that they are false advertising it say one price however when you check out its another price and I didn't receive half of the things that I brought and on some items they gave me a refund and on 2 or 3 of them they said that it had to go to the wish cash I said OK.

Now I go to use my wish cash and the item says $2.70 however in the check out it was $6.00 and that's not including the shipping cost. Smh

to Anonymous #1539732

You didn’t have the option in the “contact support” platform once the robot asked you if you received the item and you clicked “no” there should be 2 options “wait a bit longer” or “I want a refund”. Click “I want a refund” and there should be 2 options the robot gives asks how you would like to receive it.

“Wish cash” or “original payment method” click “original payment method.” If you have already done this then the only thing I can think of for such a drastic price adjustment is how each store has items priced different, some are free and their shipping is $4 the next store with the same item listing sells for $6 with shipping at $9. I’m guessing maybe wish.com found the lowest store listed price value to refund you as it is “wish cash” and kinda goes wherever...or the next alternative is when you made these purchases did you use your points for a % off of the total purchase?

I had a purchase of $46.00 and used 15% off and that was $6.90 but was refunded several for late shipping or items never arrived. The refunded prices were adjusted according to the % off.


How can I join in my experience with wish hasn't been a good one I keep getting sent fake items and haven't been treated fairly


GO TO HERE SPREAD THE WORD: https://www.deviantart.com/dededevenaceismine/journal/A-Very-SERIOUSLY-Kingly-PSA-757542264


I agree, thats *** Edward Elrics says "No!".


Spreadin' awareness about this here class action lawsuit here, to see if we can get deviantartists who have had their art stolen by this website involved https://www.deviantart.com/dededevenaceismine/journal/A-Very-SERIOUSLY-Kingly-PSA-757542264


I had the same.happen


Well these jerk offs have sent me over the edge! Finally received notification that my package is in the US!

....out for delivery expected July 16 by 8 pm....4pm rolls around and a new notification:your item is available for pickup awe man, what’s the point of free delivery if I have to go to FETCH MY OWN PACKAGE?.....scroll down to see which post office...YOUR ITEM IS AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP IN TAMPA FLORIDA.....not a big deal except I live in BILLINGS MONTANA!!!!!!

Wtf are you *** sh*tting me right now??!? naturally the wish robots won’t help, I contacted the USPS hotline and they told me my names on the package but obviously the address is a Fl address and I won’t ever see this package....


Ripped off in north Florida. Same mo!!!


How do I become apart of this lawsuit or go after them with one?


The company has scammed me now twice and the generic computer responses that offer things and then the next messagebis a direct contradiction to the last has happened again. I’m grateful someone has already started this and I have over 5000 personal contacts I’ll be sending information out to about the scam going on.

to Darin Harwell #1515126

So far no one has started any thing at all.... Looks like it is up to some one else to start it...

to Darin Harwell #1591111

Can you send me that info? kammy9102@gmail.com


I want my money back and to stop this crook


Wish owes me over $170 for a phone they said was unlocked yet it wasn't for the US. I am tired of the run around the "support team" has given me. They refuse to send me a return label to proceed with a refund.


Please count me in to.I am extremely diappointed with Wish. I ordered two tablets and the first one I ordered some how turned in to something I never ordered at all .

Thank Goodness I still have all of my original emails , electronic receipts. The second tablet still has not arrived and I ordered it almost 2 months ago.carebearcali71@gmail.com

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