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My cell phone cover and trump gold coin still did not come in am never getting anything from wish and I have 100 more people who will stop ordering from wish

User's recommendation: Never buy from wish.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Hilo, Hawaii

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Generally Wish is a simple aggregate of Chinese businesses in concept very similar to eBay. I used Wish very often until I noticed that the same vendors were actually using eBay.

You can tell by the poor quality of the translated description. All items are shipped First Class Air Mail. Being in Hawaii means that your First Class mail from China will take a long time to get to you, and may actually been found to have a "postage due" along the way due to your location. Before you purchase anything from Wish see if the vendor offers a location for the item.

Of course, you should email Wish directly about the non-delivery and hopefully, the seller did not take your payment. Good Luck!

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