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BullshitI see my photos all over your site, stolen from etsy, and selling copies of my copyrighted work.

I will need to contact my lawyer. You have many of my copied photos and selling fake items. Stole my photos, selling copies cheaply made in China, horrible rip off.

I will be contacting an attorney because this is all wrong. I see many of my fellow artist from Etsy also being ripped off on Wish.. These are not authentic items, they are coppies. How can I get them off?

I demand removal from your site. Many more. I need contact with someone since you do not answer the 800 phone number. Do I need to contact your legal department? How do I proceed to remove my photos from your site?

Lilli Heart

Reason of review: Copyright rip off.

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1-Do you know this is a public message board?2-Do you know the people you want to see this won't?3-Do you know how to filed a DMCA take down notice? Look it up.

to Anonymous #1521271

There are so many of my items that have been stolen on here it will take me time to get this resolved. I need to send a Cease and Desist notice as well. Two sellers are doing this.

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