Chester, Pennsylvania
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I'm pissed getting wrong sizes n items not receiving stuff and I get flagged!! .

I will return items! Or I will go to social media! I will do what I have to!!! I placed more orders you got my dam $$.

I just want right stuff!!! Or stuff AT ALL

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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i aggre


Well damn, I just flagged. I have so many items not show up, defective or not even close to what was advertised.

Reading these reviews, I'm thinking once you're flagged, you're done.

Guess I'll try going through my credit card. Uggggg.


How long will i be flagged for?


Have you gotten anywhere? I have been flagged for months its *** I can't do much as get info on how to use something because they say I asked for too many refunds.

If *** is *** I flush it. What makes them think I would do any different to their garbage. I simply tell them if things are late.

Now u can't ask questions. I will find out who to report them to!

@Christina Smith

Iv tried 100 times to get live person, find a supervisor or complain to other sites like cute n the other one but all 3 are linked! NO I have not gotten anywhere I deleted all wish apps n do not buy from them no longer.

So pissed off!! If u get any info please let me know!

Thanks. Kim Morey rhoads


So I got flagged too but I only asked for a refund 3-5 times this year (which to me isn't much since I shop a lot on wish.) And sometimes things on wish isn't what they advertise. Anyways I wanted to ask if anyone knows what happens when you get flagged. Am I not aloud to shop anymore or what?


No you can shop you're just not allowed to ask them to give you money back whether it's because something doesn't arrive or it's because something that showed up was miss stop or wrong you can't even asked to return things to people it's *** they've done it to Me Too


This my 3rd post, I want to make an update. 1st post, I’m flagged.

2nd post, can't rate any items that arrive. 3rd post (currently), can't purchase anything, to go back to good standards and they want a copy of my bank statement or credit statement. It’s frustrating.

Items haven’t arrived, that were purchased back in October, wrong color, incorrect size, went by their size chart and the item doesn’t indicate the size or washing instructions, necklace hook is defective, but I thought I could work with it, note, it broke in less than a month, wore it twice, shoes 2 small, and yes, went by their size chart, which happens to be my size. Here’s a picture of a purse that I purchased, the color supposed to be olive green.


I thought I could post a photo, like how the other post did. Lol


I was flagged as well over asking for refunds when it wasn't delivered. I said ok whatever so I only bought bigger priced items but now even when is wrong size or whatever you can't return I owned either. That's *** I'm pissed too.

@Christina Smith

Yep I’m flagged also For an item that I never even rec’d Somehow that’s my fault?!?! Tried emailing several times No response Tried calling Total joke Can’t reach the seller directly at all Or a human being at all Wish sucks All I want is the item reshipped or my money back They can trace the tracking It hasn’t moved since January 18th Frustrated as ***


i totally agree with you i am still waiting on 12 items that are now on there 3 past due date sent many emails as i can not contact support they took my money and sent me 1 wrong item and had 5 refunded cuz they never showed up and still havent showed up now i had 14 other items still to come in now 12 are on 3rd past date and 2 still before the due date and not getting any info on my items wish just told me to get in good standing i have to buy more would have to be stupied to give them more money and not get items now wish ignores me as i get a computer generated letter and no other response so live and learn i say i have now been ordering from AliExpress without the huge shipping costs and same pricing as wish and getting my stuff pretty dam fast i might ad but still i wit for the items i probably will never get from wish as i really doubt i will get my money back either!!


Feel the same way! Wish is a scam that sells fake *** half the tone it doesn’t look like the picture is very cheaply made and that is if you even received it.

They need to stand by their policy. The people that respond are rude and don’t care and won’t help customer


Oh my god the same thing is happening to me I ordered so much stuff but I received an item that was missing parts so I went to contact the customer service area and it says I’ve asked for too many refunds and I have NEVER asked for a refund on that account ever??


Yup I have about 40 orders I did refund about 10 of the items as they were wrong size, got my daughter keychain with her first letter of her name. Sent wrong letter!

You seen the slippers, order 2 different pairs n both wrong size! Ordered the pink gold MoM ring. WRONG size!! Not I got my daughter a bunch of nail stuf including drill set, I was told it is junk n will not work by nail saloon n I ordered UV nail dryer 2 months ago I never received it!

That’s when they flagged me!!! I think it’s a junk company you can not get a live person! Did u ever call customer service?? When I did it redirected me here!

It’s total BS n disgusted with this company!! They make SO MANY MISTAKES & WE PAY!!! Literally too!! N get screwed!

It’s there POLICY!!

N they pull sorry you r flagged!!! I’m pissed !!




It sucks bc I legitimately did not recieve orders so asked for refunds on those orders. Bc i supposedly had too many refunds i got flagged!


Yup, I ordered a 240 price set it’s a uv light nail dryer. Now I have other items for my daughter the drill n bits acrylic nails nail cutter but I ordered nail dryer in July were now in oct!

I can not get refund due to THEIR policy saying request refund if u have not received. If u do receive keep product!! They can have all the *** back wrong sizes n colors!! So I get flagged!

Than you can not even get 1 real live person to speak to. I’m DONE n livid!!! So who the heck desires when I can b back in good standings or whatever they call it?! So it’s up to some joe smoe computer to determine!!!

I’m just disgusted n there web site should b shut down!! Now home, app!

No problems. May take time but ALWAYS get my stuff!!!


Im with you this cheaply made mess n then they send the wrong *** n Dont refund Money. We should Not Order from ANY FOREIGN COMPANIES IF THEY DONT HAVE A CONTACT NUMBER AND OR TRANSLATERS.

WISH has nice pictures but items are broken when they arrive or work one day then you have to trash it! Im PISD

@Traiha Collins

I'm so mad at you are right items are used and broken and some don't come in many items were lost in where I don't know what happened to them they won't say anything else then you can request a refund