Not resolved

Yesterday when I was Trying to make a purchase

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They did the same thing to me can't reach anything but a recording and the support does no good


i try but my account look


Don’t disturb me please unlock my account now , are going under website


I have been trying for 10 days to place an order. I keep getting the message from Wish.com that there is some issue my payment.

I banked on them supplying a good share of stock for my little store. even though they had trouble taking my money, all the sudden it couldn't be proved I paid for it. Then the bank gives back the money and low and behold, I start getting the merchandise. Ugggggg, not all of it, just drips and drabs.

This used to be a great company. It is very sad!!!


Loard of *** keeps asking for my login bank details when i put it in it wont let me


I’m pissed off at wish payment system


Like to know what is they problem "issue payment" You have with the merchandising


Did anybody get the problem done with them not receiving your payment I've tried all my cards and it will not let me I used my other card right up until two weeks ago so just wondering if anybody else figured out how to pay for things again


I have been trying to pay for an order for mths now and they keep telling me payment issue. My credit card is fine.

I am so tired of them . Since I cannot order stop sending me messages to order from you.


I really need to speak to someone about this issue they got with my payment plan I've never had a problem with my payments I either pay with PayPal or I pay with my credit card my debit card and never had an issue and now all the sudden I'm getting a issue on my payment I would like to know why for this is not right thank you very much core Paton

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