Not resolved

Yesterday when I was Trying to make a purchase

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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5c7a89674d934032ccebb952 I have sent emails bout my refund ,I do get reply but never my money. I would really love to put this to bed an receive my refund please !

I have recorded on some items an received them but $ 162.80 I would like to have the money returned , youve stated there was an issue with my payment but I have just ordered a XBox1 x that order was a little bigger then the one declined just cuz it was a back to back wasn't it.. Those were Christened orders I'm a grandma it was a sad Christmas with grand kids this year .please fix this please ,I don't want this to happen again thank you Barbara Schramm


Keeps asking fir a photo of my licence or of my bank statement? WTF is up with that???


Every time i put my order in checkout they tell me there is a problem.could you please tell me what it is.


Every time these past few days I try to make a purchase, they tell me there is a problem. I would like to know what this problem is and how to fix it.


I received a message that something was wrong with my account


Been trying to make purchase since yesterday, and I set the message there is an issue


They never did understand me what I had to do was open a new account with a new email.


Y no puedo pagar ayuda por favor no se q pasa


Tengo problema con cuenta de usuario no se q pasa no puedo pagar


The wish wont accept my visa card details so my order cant go through


They say I have a problem wit my user name when I try to make payment


They did the same thing to me can't reach anything but a recording and the support does no good


i try but my account look


Don’t disturb me please unlock my account now , are going under website


I have been trying for 10 days to place an order. I keep getting the message from Wish.com that there is some issue my payment.

I banked on them supplying a good share of stock for my little store. even though they had trouble taking my money, all the sudden it couldn't be proved I paid for it. Then the bank gives back the money and low and behold, I start getting the merchandise. Ugggggg, not all of it, just drips and drabs.

This used to be a great company. It is very sad!!!

to Anonymous #1652992

I’ve been having the same problems with wish. I don’t understand why this is happening but it’s happened to me twice now and it made me lose things that I really really wanted.


Loard of *** keeps asking for my login bank details when i put it in it wont let me


I’m pissed off at wish payment system


Like to know what is they problem "issue payment" You have with the merchandising


Did anybody get the problem done with them not receiving your payment I've tried all my cards and it will not let me I used my other card right up until two weeks ago so just wondering if anybody else figured out how to pay for things again

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