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I have been with wish for years now my name is Lisa Gandy. Address is 16688 Stonefield drive Montgomery Texas 77316 phone number 832-876-****.

They let me explain. I transferred my cell phone service to AT&;;;;;;;;;;t it did not work. I sent their phones back but they wiped out my original account and I cannot see my order status which I have a lot of things going to unique embroidery in Willis Texas. Your site shows me having three accounts one of the cards I paid with Liz a MasterCard ending in 1056 related to my address please find out original account I do not have three accounts I want my original account back and I cannot for the life or love of God get it done you have my permission to put my older styles back up there so I can go pick up my belongings and Wells Texas they are there I'll either they're supposed to be there by this date before this date and if they get sent back well somebody has no not of money please the original account like I said was set up with this email I'm giving pppatx@***.com.

my account got hacked so I changed my email to gandylisa073@***.com. Please call unique embroidery in West Texas and tell Stacy or whoever's there to give me my packages I have to have the scan thing so she can scare it with her phone what is so hard please give this to your it that can look up my original account I have one with you I do not need three with you please understand I made these Christmas gifts for my children and my grandchildren this will be a horrible Christmas if you cannot help me I am not mad at you I'm mad at AT&t because they walked out on my history of everything. I no longer have AT&t. I have metro PCS.

I even ordered under Lisa Gandy or Lisa Garcia so with the old email now hiring my address you should be looking it up you should be able to put that my order history I have $3 in this cash and some points please recover that for me my initial only account I did already see it with all the new emails and changing form everything has gotten messed up. please I do not know how to do it I am not technical whatsoever I will send my order history that's all I want to see and you have all the information to look it up and put it back you see the three hours in this cash will see the points you'll see my name you'll see unique embroidery in Willis Texas please recover my original account I do not have two accounts I only have one for years. Please understand I am not upset with you. Please understand I just need some help recovering my account and you have to do it from your end because I'm 50%blinf 50% deaf and disabled.

Respectfully. Lisa Gandy or Lisa Garcia

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Please reinstate my original account I opened over two years ago all the information is there for you I opened it over under Lisa Gandy or Lisa Garcia. Address 16688 Stonefield Montgomery Texas 77316.

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