They blocked my credit card and it was absolutely no reason. I reread an item I ordered, filled out a customer service note explaining I wanted a refund way before the product was delivered.

They wrote back about something that had absolutely nothing to do with my issues. When package arrived on the 29th of September 2020 o when online to do a refund. The automated system would not allow me to finish the transaction but rerouted me to something about my credit card. Each time I got to this it would allow me to tap the bar that would take me to customer service.

I went online to look for an 800 number to contact someone and got a number that did not work. I emailed customer service and again every time I would send an email they immediately reply telling me to resend it but above the arrows that they created. My response told me that I was pass the point of refund. I looked up the refund policy and it clearly says you can do a refund up to 30 days from the day of delivery which was 9/29/2020 and today is10/3/2020.

I replied only to receive a

reply saying place above the arrow.

I told them I would continue this back and forth and that I would find other means to get help and for reply above a line I created for them which left no room for a comment. I came to you and here I am.

User's recommendation: Bad Business policies that go against the customer.

Location: Buffalo, New York

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