Not resolved

None of my items arrived as promised. Nothing has arrived in time for christmas.

I am super angry.

I will continue my boycott as will my 200+ friends and family whom shop from your website. Thank you for ruining my christmas.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I fell for the scam "wish cash" and I received not one single item out of my $100 that I deposited into this stupid account.

@Reynaldo Cordova

Oh no


Wish sucks. Still havent rwceived my items


Always get my items and whenever I was not satisfied or the item was late, they would send me a notice asking if I had received the item, then asked if I want a refund.

When I replied affirmative, they always processed the refund within a day and told me to keep the item when it arrived.

Hey folks, your stuff is coming from China, and the shipping is usually a few dollars. It's going to take a while to arrive.


That is the same exact thing that is happening to me right now. I'm to the point of looking up the seller/store that it was ordered from on Google or something.

I have 5 items missing out of the last order I made, and all 5 of them say that they should be delivered no later than December 18th, and here it is the 23rd. 2 of the items are toys for my 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son, and she picked them both out.

1 is a ring that my 3 year old daughter picked out for her daddy to be from her and her brother that says DAD on it. And the other 2 are necklaces, one for my sister and one for my fiancee's sister.