London, England
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It's a Diabolical Disgrace that Wish.Com has not been investigated and the owners or those concerned banned from doing business on the internet for ever. It's almost like Wish.Com has a licence to commit Legalized Criminality.

Also some of the sellers associated with Wish.Com are just as bad. It would be in everyones interest for ALL PEOPLE (Customers, Sellers & All Associated) to do a complete and total boycott of Wish.Com because it is completely fraudulent with a mob like mentality. Bring Wish.Com to book and completely close the entire operation down and then everyone will have justice and be free from stress. Problem solved.

Every dim spent at Wish.Com will only prolong this injustice. That said : It's a Diabolical Disgrace the authorities have not closed this outfit down a long time ago.

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