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I ordered a few things from Wish. I got the first 3 or 4 things without any problem.

Then they screwed up. I think Wish is just a co that has a 1000 little co's that shell stuff under wishes name, like a flea market. Some of em aren't too bad, others are terrible. I ordered a mini sd card, like for a camera or pc.

It came with a free card reader and an adapter you can put the mini card in and then put it in a laptop. The package came, and all it had in it was the adapter. No mini card, no card reader. All I really needed was the minicard for a drone camera.

I emailed them just to try to get them to ship the mini card. I got " if you are unhappy with your order please ship it back and we will refund". I'm not shipping a card adapter the size of a postage stamp back to china for a 4$ refund. Not when it would cost 3$ to ship it!

I took it as a lesson.

Buy American.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $9.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Wish Cons: Taking my money.

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This company sucks it's been over 1 week took my money yet not the iteam yet they got no human live to talk with they best get me my iteam this can't be a real company a real company has live people to talk with by phone . Never again will I order off these people how they do is wrong

eBay and Amazon is way better


We are Merchants and Sell on WISH. We sell good products, but unfortunately, the site is full of scammers (BUYERS) who receive the product and ask for a refund ilegitimately.

WISH freezes the money and tell the merchant that the money was refunded. We as Merchants cannot dispute or appeal the decision, and no real person will contact us ever. We send several emails with no reply. 3 times in 1 month we were victims of scammers who get free stuff from us.

The easiness to cheat is so amazing, that I think that maybe WISH scams also the buyers, they don't pay back the refund, and they don't pay the goods to the merchants either.



Dude, if you bought a "Kingston" brand item that was shipped direct from China........... It's a knock off anyways. How are you surprised?