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I have used Wish for over a year and have purchased 600 items. When I make a purchase, I use a prepaid credit card with the same card number each time.

I have had one complaint that I have sent to Customer Service. I was kind in my initial letter. Without any warning my account has been blocked until I give the company a copy of my bank statement. I do not pay with a card connected to my bank in any manner.

I cannot get an answer about this. All the company does is repeat what I have asked. If I do not receive a reasonable answer by Christmas, I will request a fraud investigation with every organization available and will upload my communications with Wish on Facebook and warn people from using the company.

They do not have a number that reaches a human. I am not the only person with this story.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Same here. They already needed my ID.


Just buy from amazon. Usually similar price but with faster delivery!


Was looking forward to what I bought and was a loyal customer but they keep denying my purchases due to need of a bank statement all of the sudden. I might make a new account because it seems wish only does this after a couple purchases


Yessss i am going through the same thing i asked is there any other way to solve the issue i actually wanted my stuff nope got nowhere asked for a live person to call nothing very disappointed!


Same issue. No response to request for clarification sent to support.

Sent a zoomed in image of statement showing only a wish transaction, with all other details erased with an image editor.

Apparently not good enough, because I still can't order. I plan on closing the account.


Its bull. I've had orders mysteriously never show up and refunded 3 months later for not sending my bank statement, f that its private info


Same thing here. No way to contact them without the "image" of the account sent first.

So I typed my inquiry and made it into an image with screenshot. All I can get from them is "problem with the transaction". Couldnt send it even if I wanted to, as it's a credit card and i dont have a statement yet. But there is no online retail business that needs a copy of my driver's liscense, period.

It sounds a bit like what PayPal tried to pull some years ago with wanting that plus a copy of social sec.

Card. No way.


I've had the same problem. Why do they need my bank statement?

Trying to resolve for a couple of months.

Won't respond to email, can't talk to a person. What's going on.


I've been trying with different cards....PayPal just now...am unable to place any order. WISH......YOU ARE NOT getting any type of statement from me OR ANYONE ELSE!!

The ring I DID receive is gorgeous.

No o et op lo e to talk with?? Sigh


I am a new customer to Wish and just received the same request for a copy of my bank statement. Why on God's green earth would I give them that?

How about my SSN, or a DNA sample?

I may as well send them my checkbook. WTF !!


Maybe something to do with the whole Huawei situation? I have ordered fine in the past and all of a sudden they want bank statements and even PayPal is not working. Something strange has happened


Probably because it was hacked. I saw on my bank statement that everything in my shopping cart I was contemplating on buying was ordered and sent to someone else's address, then refunded right away. They never notified me or anything but started asking me the same thing.


I find it odd that they would request a copy of my bank statement. Never ever in a million years.

First of all, I pay by CC. If I don't receive an item, I will wait and then I ask for a refund. That's normal. I had ordered it ms in November and December that I did not receive so am blocked for excessive refunds.

Been a customer for so many years. They have now lost me as a customer. Never had any problems with other online store. And when you check the tracking, at least for me on the it ms I didn't receive, it is incomplete.

Doesn't have real time tracking. I would never order big ticket items...only costume jewelry. This sounds likes identity theft when asking for bank statement...and the vendors are in China. I'm done.

I have no time for this. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

to Raven #1632655

Wish asked for a copy of my license and bank statement to prove that I ordered from them. The order history should show that.

I refuse to send it. As to go on to say, Wish refunded my order. THEIR LOSS! They have nice items but I find it fishy to ask for that information.

No other website does that. I will not order from them again.

to Raven #1653405

I ordered things from wish in Nov. An Dec didn't receive till late Feb.they froze my account even though I have a 14 dollar credit. Will not be sending a bank statement


I've had the same experience as many of you here. I've been waiting for a month to resolve it, so tha tI can purchase several items.

I have discovered that AliExpress.com carries most of the same stuff at comparable prices and I've purchase from them for years with great success. Goodbye Wish, you have lost a great customer.


i too am being asked to supply a bank statement which is not going to happen they have my order history for items that have been bought on their site going back a long time why now is this some sort of card fraud we need the wish site to respond


They ask for an image of my bank statement and i was like why on earth they need my bank statement! I didnt submit and a few days later i received a notification stating that they refunded my money. This app is ***

to Kelly #1629967

I had the same experience. I sent an email to the support address they provide re: the issue of their request for a bank statement, which is irrelevant to my purchases and I also received an email apologizing and saying I would receive a refund.

I really want to purchase items like I have done for years. So annoyed and not sure what to do next.


My bank info? Then I will NOT be ordering from 'wish '.

That is totally ridiculous and should be against the law. This should be reported.

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