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I have used Wish for over a year and have purchased 600 items. When I make a purchase, I use a prepaid credit card with the same card number each time.

I have had one complaint that I have sent to Customer Service. I was kind in my initial letter. Without any warning my account has been blocked until I give the company a copy of my bank statement. I do not pay with a card connected to my bank in any manner.

I cannot get an answer about this. All the company does is repeat what I have asked. If I do not receive a reasonable answer by Christmas, I will request a fraud investigation with every organization available and will upload my communications with Wish on Facebook and warn people from using the company.

They do not have a number that reaches a human. I am not the only person with this story.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wish Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Dec 17, 2017.
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I'm having this exact issue with wish!


Me too! They have done the same thing to me


I used my credit card and they want my bank statement why???


I want to know also. Why do you need a copy of my bank statement


i have the same issue and cannot get an answer i cannot understand why the require a bank statement. i ordered last in jan 18 i do not have time to trawl through the statement as the identity does not come under wish. They will not release the order so at the end its their loss not mine i will shop else where


They did the same to me and I've always used PayPal. Some people are fools enough to send their financial information to a foreign country. Not me!


My account is block don't understand why asking for my statement of account after all I cancelled my last order its been difficult communicating with your company this is what most customers are experiencing I hope my account is open thanks


I used "Wish" for around a year and spent a couple of hundred dollars on their stuff for me, friends, parties and such. One day I received the "We have to have your bank account info..." notice.

Tried to find out why, no real persons to contact it seems.

"Wish", it was fun while it lasted. Anyway, I deleted there App and YOU should too.

to Nathan1234 #1566123

The exact same thing happened to me. I told them there is no way they are getting a bank statement (I pay only with prepaid cards).

They then wanted me to send a photo ID to confirm it was me!?!? I asked them "hey , why don't you send me a photo of yourself with your Wish creditials???? I am done with Wish. There is too much potential for fraud.

I think it's a scam and you just don't know who you are communicating with. Please beware.


I am not comfortable photographing my banking account online you have my debit card number that should have been enough. I've been shopping with you guys for the past 4 years never had a problem with my debit card.

If this is necessary need to take a photograph of my account to shop with wish? Then I won't be shopping on your site any longer.

Because if my information get stolen through me photographing my account online through you you're not going to refund my money ! Thank you.


I was wondering if some of the problems with wish is because of the trade wars (tariffs) ? Recently Trump has insisted that we have a more fair trade between USA and China. Then the problems come with ordering thru wish!

to just me #1589266

They requested my bank statement well before then.


I have orders that were blocked on wish recently.. I contacted my bank and found out from them that the debit card company that I was using were blocking any online orders from California (that's where wish is located) and New York because of fraud being done in those states!

to just me #1604900

My credit card was used by wish to send purchases to california


I ordered over $600 worth of items, it went through, received an email from Wish stating ‘Your order has been cancelled as per your request and your money shall be refunded to your bank account’ ... I DID NOT CANCEL THE ORDER.

I got my money back and another email requesting my bank details which I found to be VERY dodgy. I have not been able to order from Wish since and refuse to send a copy of my bank statement online.


I donthave a bank statement but this needs to be fixed


Same here. Pathetic. This will put JC Penney and Macy's back in business.


Did anyone figure out how deal with this issue?!


I cant give a bank statement because I use credit card....yet it won't accept it as it did before..I want items from wish for the summer...I have purchased other items before..yet this problem keeps arising...

to Vadslayer #1523290

Can't you use pay pal? They will resolve this issue.

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